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Welcome to the Apex Legends Rank Boost service. Top leaderboard players at your service, boosts up to Apex Predator supported. Register prior ordering and access the Panel Section for progress updates, live stream & free tips and coaching from your personal booster.



For new players to the game we decided to offer free coaching and tips with any order. Streamed service upon request from your personal booster, ask us anything ! All roles & classes explained by top leaderboard players, learn how to properly engage into fights, optimal distance for every weapon, and when and how to back off. Best drop off locations for each legend & super fast looting. Everything you need to win or at least end up in top 5 teams.

Apex Legends Boosting - Rank Carry Services PC PS Xbox Andoird iOS-min


Shooter games in 2021 are one of the most competitive activities you can find in a video game. You need every edge you can get over your opponent. If you want to get that Apex Predator or Diamond Ranks, you need the best team you can find. Some opt for  LFG services, others reach out on Discord servers and private groups. We provide all in one package with guaranteed results. Don’t waste time trying to put together a team that will last only a few days, or not showup at all on your next gaming session, hire paid professionals that do this for a living !


Ordering your boost with D3Hell means getting more than what you paid for. Use the Panel Section for complete control over your order, your booster playing hours & daily live progress updates. Free tips and coaching on your first order, watch us work live on stream and learn how the pros do it. Team management, engage tactics, best landing positions and everything you need to get your to the next level in Apex Legends !

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We offer unique discount codes for every month of the year. Talk to us on live chat for the current monthly code and get the best price possible for your order. Additional discount codes are available for players using us on the long run.


We take Anonymity and Safety of our client’s accounts with the upmost priority, we will play the games as appear offline unless instructed otherwise by yourself and we will not reply to anybody speaking to us whether is it somebody on your friendlist or perhaps somebody in game that’s trying to be toxic unless you instruct us to do so! We can do anything you want us to do in that regard, our boosters can use a paid VPN server to imitate your location and keep your account safe. All of your information is held private and can only be viewed by your respective booster and the highest ranked admins on our website. If you aren’t satisfied with the performance or the progress with your current Apex Legends booster you may always speak to the live-chat agents that are available 24/7 to provide additional information about the case or simply request a switch for a new booster. As stated above we have a vast amount of Apex Legends boosters that will be more than glad to help!

Slide trustpilot verified reviews 7 years boosting experience Website uses latest SSL security protocols and is undergoing scheduled security checks to ensure safe trading environment. Customer's privacy is our top priority, any info you provide is only available to the booster assigned.
Real reviews from previous and ongoing orders on our Trustpilot page. We only work with proven professionals that consistently rank high on the global lederboards.
Our work extends 7 years back. We first made our start working on various forums and gaming communities. Just Google D3Hell (our previous domain) for all our work.


It is quite simple actually, we just login and play for you. Alternatively you can opt for carry/selfplay service and join us in game. Contact your booster through the My Panel section or talk to us on live chat (bottom right part) in case there is delay with the delivery.

We offer boosting services in competitive FPS games 7 years back, Apex Legends is no different than the rest. Check our Trustpilot page and see what others say about us, we can use vpn and mirror your location, we don’t use cheats or any other “cheese” methods that might raise red flags in any way. Opt for streamed service and watch your professional coach progress live on twitch – Learn how the pros do it.

Our boosters are selected on their skills, not country of origin. That being said however, most of us are from the United States & Europe, however you can request VPN service with each order and ensure your service is done with maximum security and anonymity.

Although our order assignment process is following the first come/first served fair system policy in order to avoid any bias from staff towards boosters, exceptions can be made on your request. Simply select your desired booster on checkout page and notify our live chat agents, we will inform your desired booster about your order and make sure he prioritize your boost once placed.

As we work 24/7 worldwide, most orders are started within 15-60 minutes, although in rare occasions it can be several hours if every team is asleep or busy. Talk to us prior order for details on availability.

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Multiple payment processors are available on checkout including Apple Pay, G-Pay, Stripe, all of which support direct credit card payments.

As with any other game, order is eligible for full refund if it hasn’t been started within 24h. If the service ( for whatever reason ) could not be completed, or took way longer than expected partial refund or additional ingame service can be extended depending on the situation. Read more about our Refund Policy here (2nd subsection).

For any additional questions or information use the live chat, we cover 24/7 support. Use our contact/support page for email and other inquiries or reach out on our Facebook or  Twitter pages.

Comments (101)

Kewl, got from 9k to 12k in about 3 days of placing my order. Learned a crapton playing with my dedicated teammate, hats down Captain !

Took about an hour to start, but all was done in 2 sessions. Even got free 20k/4k with my rank order, very well done guys hats down.

Ordered boost to 10k, got free 20k4k and a free stream. Seriously, i didnt expect it to be that good, ended up tipping my booster just to lose the guilt 😀

Thx for the carry, learned a lot along the way. Do try these guys, best prices on the market by far.

Took about 2h for start, and i missed the first stream. Day two was far better and booster was really polite and courteous, would recommend.

They are n1, customer support, booster skill, delivery time, just an overall professional handling of a customer.

10k predators here i come, service was on point although took about 1.5h to start. boost was done in about 3 days, support is more than awesome, these guys really know their stuff…

very fast and very reasonable prices, i enjoyed the stream and got 20k badge for free with my boost to 10k

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