Apex Legends Crypto Guide – Dominate Rank Play


Crypto Guide By Captain Carry-min

Orphaned, Tae Joon and his adopted sister Mila Alexander had to educate themselves alone, they managed to escape misery and death by working for the Mercenary Syndicate as a talented computer engineering duo. Years pass, during a mission Tae Joon and Mila find an extremely valuable algorithm. This algorithm allows them to predict the results of the Apex Legends games and therefore to cheat.

The next day, Mila disappeared and her partner Tae Joon was wrongly accused of a murder he did not commit against his sister. After he managed to escape from people who wanted to kill him, he was erased from the public system, he took the name of Crypto. Today, Crypto is participating in the game Apex Legends to find evidence and prove his innocence. Crypto is a genius hacker and encryption expert. Together with Hack, his drone, they hunt down all the enemies who are trying to hide. Crypto is undercover, nobody knows who he is.


Crypto Pssive

Crypto has a very powerful passive, when his drone is activated and in flight even if he is not on it manually all the enemies or traps will be detected and visible not only by us but also by our teammates. Since you can launch the drone all the enemies will be scanned and you will have a few seconds of advance to screw them perfectly. Let’s not forget that Crypto can scan the topographic beacons manually but also by using Hack, in fact by controlling Hack you’ll just have to pass in front of it and click on the beacon to get directly the area without any animation. This means that you have all the rings offered in VIP.


Crypto Drone

Our hacker has an asset as cute as Lifeline, Hack is a small drone that he can launch in the direction he wants and either control it manually or let it move. His drone can scan for enemies and traps but if you want to play it at a high level you need to have some very important information.
First of all when you use the drone manually to control it and go where you want you have a limit of 200 meters but the drone will automatically come back to you from 250 meters, as long as you are more than 200 meters away from the drone you will not be able to move it. Then you have to know all the information that you will see while you control your drone.
You have the info on the state of the game in real time (the information on the ring and the time you have left before it moves), the mini-map, the killfeed has been added. Regarding the life of the drone you see it at the bottom of your screen is a small green bar, Hack has only 50 points of life so be careful! A last addition is the visualization of the Survey Beacon to be able to reanimate the fallen allies more easily.
The neurolink has a drastic increase in field of view (160 => 240 degrees) so you can scan enemies extremely easily when in contact, but the neurolink is disabled when you call back your drone.


crypto ultimate

At first sight, seeing an EMP is not very scary, but when you enter this bubble you see all that it can do to you. When Crypto activates its EMP all the traps are destroyed (Wattson’s fences, the shields on the walls of Rampart, the bubble of Gibraltar…). The EMP puts 50 damage in the shield of the opponents and will slow them down for a few seconds, if you manage to set a well placed ultimate you can crossfire one of the enemies and put him down directly. If you are solo you can also EMP behind you to slow down the enemies! Be careful, your EMP can make you lose shield but also slow down your allies (without doing any damage). Tae Joon’s ultimate attack is one of the best attacks if you place the EMP perfectly!


What weapons for a small Crypto player? It all depends on your situation in game . In pub I advise you to play at medium range because the random players will want to fuck they will not play chill . But on the other hand when you are in ranked . Imagine you play in Solo Q and you play the placements, you will have to play medium and long range first because if your randoms die for nothing you can always go back to take the banners with Hack.


At the beginning of the game you have to stick to your teammates. Why ? You have to spam your drone to have a permanent scan and help your allies. A perfect scan will give you an easy victory for the first confrontation because even if you and your teammates have rotten weapons you have the vision and it’s a big advantage ! You should ask to be pinged for the ultimate accelerants because if you find one you can EMP very quickly and either make your enemies flee or hurt them very badly.

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After having slammed all your enemies at the spawn you will just have to loot better and go to the ring by scanning all the beacons you find, don’t forget you don’t need to do 100 kills to be at the max of possible points. 3 kills are largely enough ! If you come across two teams fighting don’t hesitate to use your drone to see which legends are fighting each other and especially look at the banners to see if a third team is hiding !


This is when Crypto can become a real monster, the ring is very small, you see 3 squads around . Look for the zone and the place where everyone will meet to place your best EMP! If you place your EMP at the right time you can get all the kills for free if you are coordinated with your teammates. If some teams play the zone hard your mission will be to annoy them with the drone (very funny moment really hehe) and like that you will have a vision everywhere and all the time if you manage well the dodges.


Crypto is one of the hardest legend if not THE hardest legend to handle. But to play with it is even harder. A good Crypto can stick to all the legends but there are still compositions more optimized than others .


A composition not too defensive or offensive . But Crypto will be protected in the moments when he will use his drone thanks to Wattson’s fences and they will be able to make portal EMP push. Basically Wraith runs in front of the drone making a portal and as soon as Crypto activates his EMP Wraith takes his portal to return to his team then they take the portal to three to push the team that will be slowed down. Devastating if the EMP and the portal are perfectly managed! And even if you get blown up, the enemy team will want to take the portal but they will be blocked by the electric barriers of our nice Wattson.


In this composition the strategy will be mainly offensive, even if Gibraltar is a defender his way of playing will be totally changed. Ash does a TP on the enemy team and Gibraltar places his bubble directly when arriving to impose their presence and gain a free top, since Ash’s ultimate loads faster than Wraith you can use this strategy many times even at the end of the game.


Rampart is a super strong legend if you play as a team, in fact if you just put a nice turret for Crypto and he will be able to launch his EMP and shoot with the turret on the enemies while Rampart and Octane will push on the springboard! A really stressful assault for the people in front hehe. Don’t worry your EMP can’t break the shields of allied walls.


And yes, Maggie has already its place in the classified games scene… Why? Because she is an unpredictable legend! And thanks to her Riot Drill that blinds the enemies for a few seconds, Wraith has time to make a portal and Crypto has time to launch her EMP. And if you don’t have a portal, Maggie’s ultimate can give a big blow to the team in front.

As you can see, Crypto needs a character to defend him or to get out of a dangerous area in an emergency, he can’t fly or run faster than normal so if you don’t have any outside help you’ll have to rely on your survival instinct! And don’t use blood with a Crypto, it’s useless. The Crypto scan is much more powerful if you know how to launch your drone!


The worst weapons will clearly be the long range weapons, despite the drone buff of Crypto 80% of its gameplay is derived from the drone so the lambda players will often be late because of an abusive use of the drone . So I prefer a medium range weapon like a 301 with a shotgun to assist your teammates.


Being a big Crypto player I could play a lot this character but also and especially in Solo Q, so I’ll give you some tips to start well and not to struggle.
Remember to launch your drone before you enter a large room, if there is a small hidden rat it will automatically be detected and scanned under your little eyes you will just have to aim it and knock it down.
If you know that your teammates are going to be knocked down but you are behind, don’t hesitate to back up and wait for them to be finished to get their banners back, don’t forget to EMP the team that is looting to force them to this heal and gain about ten seconds that is enough to disappear.
You can retrieve packages solo, you just have to spam your drone every 50 meters to know if there is a team around, the range is 200 meters it’s really wide so if you see that a team appears you just have to ping and hop disappear to join your team! Be extremely careful with your drone. It has only 50 Hp preserve it! when you want to stop using it hide it in a small corner or in a small tree so that the time it disappears no one can break it! 40 seconds without a drone is hard to bear for a little innocent Crypto 🙁
Use the drone sparingly . Don’t be on it all the time! Use it when you make long slides to lose as little time as possible so that you won’t have a huge delay.


I might scare you but Crypto is the hardest legend to play in the game since ever, that’s why it’s the least played legend. There are almost no pro players on Crypto because knowing how to manage the drone and the human is quite an art! If you want to have a chance to make big performances while playing Crypto, you have to know how to survive alone. Because you have to be the last one to survive in any case, your drone can save your teammates every time they die, so you have to be the one to stay in support to run away or to support your buddies! You must be an autonomous player, a survivor 🙂