Apex Legends March 29th Update

As you know today the warrior event has arrived! In this event you will find 12 epic cosmetics but also legendary with limited duration. But this time you will not get a heritage skin but the heirloom of Crypto which is a Biwon blade. It is a retractable sword with beautiful animations (including a reference to his family). As for the theme of the event, you will have understood that our favorite legends will take modern gladiator costumes to fight and impose their raw power.


For the arrival of the warrior event we are happy to see the control mode back! Having received positive feedback from the community, Control is back with its share of bug fixes and new maps:
Fixed an issue that prevented players from seeing or selecting appearance
points in the menu after being killed while on stimulants with Octane.
Removed the turbocharger from purple level weapons: players must reach Gold rank to obtain it.
Fixed several bugs to improve the stability of the mode.
Fixed an interface bug that caused a mythical ammo icon to appear on non-crate weapons after auto-reloading.
Fixed a bug that caused Rampart’s mobile Sheila’s ammo to disappear when she fired.


Caustic Lab (King Canyon) with the addition of anti-aircraft defenses and an air tank! This map will specialize in attack-defense.


A brand new area called Landing, which is an area owned by Hammond Robotics provides preliminary production of critical systems for Olympus. This map will favor more aerial legends as there are many height differences ! 

Landing points of interest are spread over four major areas: the observation deck and the deployment line, while outside is the loading bay. The observation deck offers a higher vantage point (perfect for the mid-range), access to supplies, and shelter from the risk of long-range offense. However, there is a trade-off: its low ceilings limit the vertical combat capabilities of some Legends, as well as making clashes more linear and predictable at short and medium ranges.

Now let’s talk about the deployment line, a central point of interest in Landing. Forming a sort of centerline overlooked by the observation deck, this area divides the map in half before it finally converges on the loading bay. Transport containers are slowly sent along the line and can thus serve as mobile cover, offering many options for movement. Will you seek to catch the enemy by surprise, hiding behind a container? Or will you use the movement of these containers to activate a trap with specific Legendary abilities? What better way to do this than with a mobile Caustic trap?

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The PS5 and Xbox series X players will finally get an update that starts to make things happen! From now on people who own Next Gen consoles will be able to play in 4K ! Unfortunately the 120 hz are not yet available but will surely arrive very soon ! 

The developers tell us that the game runs in 60 hz constantly and without any drop in FPS which is a big step forward for 4K on a console, a small piece of information that everyone will greatly appreciate the display distance will also be higher!


G7 Scout 

  • Double action delay reduced from 0.475 to 0.375 (G7 fires faster)
  • Double action trigger recoil optimized 
  • Increased ammunition reserve 120 => 140


Hop-Up accessories

As we all know, Hop-Up accessories are a key part of victory. Seeing that players were complaining about the loot rate of some hop-ups being too low, we have made some positive changes :

  • Increased frequency of appearance for Hammerpoint ammo and Kinetic Flow
  • Reduced loot rate for elite tempo, scatter spikes and booster loader (a thought for our archer and wingman players!)


Some general bug fixes 

  • Fixed image jerks that could occur in Spectator mode.
  • Fixed a problem that disabled the default precision choke on the triple gold rifle.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to leave a game at the beginning without being penalized.
  • Fixed a hack that allowed players to wield two weapons at once.
  • Fixed a bug that deprived players of assist credit when damaging Gibraltar’s armor.
  • Fixed a bug in Crypto’s animation after using an execution under anti-frag protection.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from using Ash’s freefall emote.
  • Fixed a bug where the quit penalty warning would always display two minutes, regardless of the number of disconnections.
  • Fixed a bug that caused damage to MRVNs to be counted against your upgrade shield.
  • Fixed instances where Crypto could launch multiple drones.
  • Fixed instances where Pathfinder could grab enemies indefinitely.
  • Fixed instances where players could reset the delay of Wraith’s tactical ability by ending its phase upon entering an Ash portal.
  • Fixed visual inconsistencies with Bloodhound’s Cyberhunt skin.
  • Arenas : fixed a bug that could interrupt the music at the beginning of a game on Habitat 4.
  • Arenas : Fixed a visual bug where Legends’ abilities would remain on screen during the game.
  • Various fixes have been made to the weapon charging systems to make them work as intended and more consistently.
  • Fixed instances where players could eliminate bullet scatter with zip lines.
  • Fixed visual inconsistencies in reactive weapons after activation.
  • Fixed instances where Wattson’s Ultimate ability shield regeneration could work through some Command Center windows.
  • Storm Zone: Fixed instances where players could be thrown by the gravity cannon while under the cannon.
  • Added stats tracking for Battle Royale wins.


A proposal for a new management of our equipment ? 

Indeed, a reddit post came out in the last few days from IntelligentImbicle where this person proposes to “link” our helmet and KO shield to your shield. That would mean concretely that there would be a shield evolution system but on these three items at the same time! 

An update like that would be really interesting and positive for the game because if it’s really done it would literally remove 4 items from the ground so we would have much more chance to find weapons to take down our opponent instead of finding an old purple helmet when a guy is hunting you with a peacekeeper . Let’s not spread ourselves too thin! 


A very good idea for buff rampart ! 

Three days ago, another Reddit user named Petroscity also had a visionary idea, why not have the ability with Rampart to turn his wall vertically to block a door? That would be just a great idea! All the Rampart players hope that the developers will see this Reddit because it would be a good buff not necessarily too powerful for our little genius mechanic.