Apex Legends Smurf Accounts

Apex Legends accounts played by our teams, high KD score, predator ranks on almost every season, tons of legendary skins, and 99% of the badges completed. Events rewards, loading screens, music kits and trackers. Check the screenshots for more details on each account, talk to us on live hat for any additional info, we cover 24/7 support.

Buy Apex Legends Smurf Accounts !

Welcome to the Apex Legends Smurf section. Order your Apex account with desired rank/points and get it within minutes delivered to your email. All accounts come with lifetime warranty against recall, ban or any other damage done due to our fault (we do not issue refunds if you get banned for bad behavior, language and so on). Accounts are provided by our internal teams, they are made with intention to be sold and do not belong to random people that simply decided to sell because they got bored of the game.

Order Details:

– One Origin (or Steam  in future) Account with Apex Legends activated on it.

– Email info for login (username and password).

– Level 10 & Calibration finished with promised rank range.

– No bans or any infractions on record.

– Auto, 1 minute delivery (on Bronze accounts).

How are the Apex Legends Smurf accounts made ?

All our accounts for sale are made with intention to be sold. We DO NOT buy used accounts from random people on facebook groups or forums. Only way to ensure 100% lifetime warranty against reclamation by original owner is to buy from our own internal teams that we work with for years in the past.

Lifetime Warranty With Each Purchase

Our lifetime warranty policy applies to every purchase. We sold various game accounts in the past and with this game is no different. Although the warranty applies when it comes to reclamations or ban on purchase due to ip change, we do not cover bans for ill behavior in game such as profanity, excessive flaming and similar activities that are against the Apex Legends community guidelines and terms of use.

Get your Account in 3 easy steps

buy account add to cart

Add product to cart

Buy the account by adding to cart and using the secure checkout page. Our default payment method is paypal, although we accept alternative payments such as Western Union and btc so make sure to contact us if that is the case.

Talk to us - Livechat

Contact us for any help

Although accounts are auto delivered and email access is included if need any help we are here. Talk to us  after purchase using the website live chat on bottom right, in addition you can add us on skype from this page. Accounts come with lifetime warranty, contact us for any help needed !

Change Info - to your own

Change account info

Final step is changing all info. First time account buyers google on how to change it! Depending on your area  and region the process might vary but Origin store has a complete step by step on how to do it.

Short F.A.Q.

Accounts are provided by our trusty suppliers that we work with for over 4 years. As stated above, each purchase comes with lifetime warranty.

Yes, that is the real question. Simple answer – we just won’t. We didn’t made it this far by scamming and doing wrong to the people we work with. We sold over 5000 accounts and counting. CSGO, LoL, Diablo 3 and  PUBG are  some of the main games we worked with. If we took such actions our paypal will get closed due to the massive chargeback cases alone.

No, most of the accounts are smurfs made for people to enjoy a different type of playstyle from what they are used to. If the accounts are high end with predator rank, the extra features will be listed under said account.

Yes, after first login in to the game you might be prompted to enter code which you receive on the game original email. Since you will be provided access to the mail as well, simply login to it and provide the code. The email login will not ask for any codes/phone numbers and so on.

No ! We do not buy accounts from random people. We can provide lifetime warranty only if we buy from people we know and trust… No offense, but if we were buying accounts from anyone that comes on chat we could never issue lifetime warranty with every purchase.

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As an old customer I am always satisfied with this services. I am a customer for about 5 years now (different games).
I just bought myself a smurf account and its all good as always!!! Best guys!

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