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Ashes of Creation guide


Ashes of creation is probably one of the most anticipated upcoming titles and a breath of fresh air in gaming. With this detailed guide, our intention is to help new players with the mechanics, armor, weapons, best tactics as well as classes and map guides. Considering that the game is currently in an alpha testing, we will continuously add new articles to this guide.

Explaining The World of Verra – Nodes Mechanics

The rich and wonderful world of the game is divided into zones, each having a certain environmental theme. These zones are further divided into Nodes. Nodes represent certain locations where settlements can be established. Furthermore, these areas can evolve, starting from a basic camp to a luxurious capital. There are certain zones around the Nodes which are called areas of influence.

Players can use this areas in order to increase the level of the Node, and the overall level of the community. Other players can employ this progression system and attack the node, devolving it into previous stages. On the other hand, a highly developed Node will start a PvE event, possibly resetting the Node into a different stage.

The Races

There are 8 playable races, all ranging from humans, elves, dwarves and orcs. It’s important to specify that there are no classes that are gender locked or even race locked in Ashes of Creation. Like any other games, certain races will excel in certain qualities much better than other races.  It’s also important to point out that some races will be divided in two sub-races, which will bring different mechanics into the table.


Details on PVE & PVP


Both aspects of the game are extremely important. Every player has the opportunity to focus on different areas of the game. If you’re into PvP, there are a few basic rules you have follow. For example, your default status is marked as Green. If you attack a player, your status will change to Purple and you will be marked as combatant. Red or cursed players can be attacked by both, players with green or purple status.


If you have no interest in the world of PvP, you can also contribute by doing PvE assignments. You will be able to upgrade the settlements, complete quests, craft and gather, build and raid.  You can also take part in politics, which will influence the state of the world. After the world is fully developed, you will be able to participate in world events as well.

This guide is a work in progress, more updates will follow as new info becomes readily available.

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