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Baldur's Gate 3 Story & Acts Boosting

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Baldur's Gate 3 Story & Acts Boosting as Carry & Piloted Services

Welcome to Baldur’s Gate 3 Story & Acts boosting services. Full story completion or per act, we got you covered! Found yourself stuck on a certain story quest, get your self a fast carry boost.
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  • Account Share (Default) – we login to your account and play until we deliver the story product on your order.
  • Selfplay/Carry (Optional) – We join your party and help you complete any story related activity with you.
  • Streamed Service (Optional) – watch us live as we work on your account.


  • The Baldur’s Gate 3 Story product completed.
  • Gear, Resources, Gold, Mats and other in-game rewards obtained along the way.
  • Everything of worth found during the services will be safely stored on your account.



In Baldur’s Gate 3, the central quest delves into finding a cure for the Mind Flayer tadpole and uncovering the true essence of this newfound menace. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure through the vibrant city of Baldur’s Gate and its surrounding areas, where treacherous dungeons, ancient ruins, and perilous encounters await at every turn. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter a rich array of characters, each harboring their own hidden motivations and secrets, who can either stand as your steadfast allies or formidable foes. Get ready to immerse yourself in an epic gaming experience like never before!


Baldur’s Gate 3 – Act 1 completion includes the following main quests:

  1. Removing the Parasite
  2. Explore the ruins
  3. Free Lae’zel
  4. Save the Goblin Sazza
  5. Save Arabella
  6. Investigate the Beach
  7. Investigate Kagha
  8. Find your belongings
  9. Steal the Sacred Idol
  10. Save the refugees
  11. Find the Nightsong
  12. Reach Moonrise Towers
  13. Rescue Volo
  14. Raid the Grove
  15. Rescue the gnome
  16. Search the Cellar
  17. Finish the Masterwork weapon
  18. Hunt the Devil
  19. Find the Missing Shipment
  20. Rescue the Grand Duke
  21. Rescue the Trapped Man
  22. Free the artist
  23. Save Mayrina
  24. Cure the Poisoned Gnome
  25. Protect the Myconid Circle
  26. Avenge the Sovereign
  27. Find the Mushroom Picker
  28. Find The Missing Boots
  29. The Adamantine Forge
  30. Free True Soul Nere
  31. Save the Grymforge Gnomes
  32. Help the Cursed Monk
  33. Rescue the Gnomes in Moonrise Towers
  34. Deliver Nere’s Head
  35. Find the Explosives
  36. Talk to the Sentient Amulet
  37. Defeat the Duergar Intruders

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Act 2 completion includes the following main quests:

  1. Coming soon!

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Act 3 completion includes the following main quests:

  1. Coming soon!

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In short, a pro BG3 booster will log in to your account and play until the service of choice is completed. Alternatively, you may decide on carry (selfplay) and a booster will join you in game!

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