Bless Online Campaign, Pets, Dailies & Mounts !

Welcome to our Bless Online Custom Orders section, here we offer campaign completion, dailies, lumina farming & more. If already have progress made into the campaign contact us, we will adjust price accordingly. Scroll below for details on each order !

Notes about using the calculator: Max level in Bless is 45, use the slider to adjust or order some of the premade packages below if you are level 1. Leave faction and character name in order notes, we only do full boosts to 45, although you can adjust starting level.







5 $ 


Custom Leveling Packages

Premade leveling packages suitable for people that want to hop into the game with mediocre to end game gear. Weather you are completely new to the game and want a quick boost, or want to try a different character, we are here to help! Choose your faction ( Hieron or Union ), customize your character look and let us handle the grind !

Order Now

The starting package is suitable if you want a quick boost to get you starting gear and campaign progression. Order takes about 3-5 days, best suitable for new players that don’t like the boring early grinds. Hop directly into the game with pets, mounts and mid range gear.

1 Power Boost
Order Now

Order power boost package and get your account ready for late game activities. Order includes 3 rare mounts, 3 rare pets & 8200+ gearscore.  Timeframe ~5 days.

1 End game boost
Order Now

Full Story + end game gear and rewards. Order includes 8500+ gearscore, 5 rare mounts & 5 rare pets. Timeframe about a week or more for this boost.

Bless Online Dailies

Dailies completion !

Any faction, any class supported ! Order includes completion of every available daily quest, discounts apply on 7 days or more !

After we are done with this order all daily quests will be completed, will add additional option for weekly events and more.


Number of Days


Bless online means of travel. End game flying mounts and more, select the one you want and we will get it for you !

Bless Online Mounts


Pet leveling in this section, bonus to experience, gold and more. Get your pet to the desired level.

Bless Online Pets

Buy Lumina & Gold farming – Custom orders Pay per Hour

Hours of grind


Setup custom orders here. We charge per hour, and can do anything in the game as long as your gear is suitable for it. Custom monsters or pets hunting, lumina grind & more.

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Comments (8)

order done, bosot was on time and as described. love the panel, was in constant communicaton with my booster, kept me updated along the way. AAA service

order done, with screenshot of dungeon finished. ordered the dungeon ready package and was delivered today. A+ they are top notch

boost took longer than expected, but i was allowed to play in between and was kept up to date. all in all experience was positive, will probably use them for dungeons soon.

leveling to 45 finished, they got some partial set as well. super happy, i couldnt be more grateful. will order dungeons in the coming days depnding on how it goes for me 😀

Guys update, new patch that hit yesterday May 1st, broke the pve super hard. It is 3x slower to lvl now, those who made preorders were lucky enough to have the 45 boost done pre patch, but current orders will be slightly delayed and future 1-45 take a bit longer than we originally thought. We are hoping Neowiz studio will release yet another patch to address this issue, but yeah as things stand 1-45 takes about 5 or more days with the current state of the game.

boost from 30-45 done in 2 days, should have been faster but i was made awear of the servers downtime so it is all good. will order dungeons somewhere next week for sure. communication is AAA they know their thing

got email it was done today, ordered boost to 45, they also cleared the 31 and 37 dungeons for me got screenshots of that as well. Top notch service as expected.

boost to 45 finished. took them 3 days for the whole thing, made a preorder and it was done on time, thx a lot d3hell

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