Booster Application

Use the live chat to apply for booster position. Do not apply if you can’t dedicate at least 6h+ per day for playing and know the game inside out. For games where there is ranked play such as Destiny 2, Apex Legends and so on you must be at top 1% or higher (must have 5450 glory pts in Destiny 2, and Apex Predator rank in Apex Legends). The 70 usd registration fee is there to weed out randoms that want to apply as a tryout. If you are serious about boosting you will get this back on first one or two orders.


  • Make sure you know the game you applying for inside out, be ready to keep up with the updates and patch notes as they are released.
  • Be fluent in English, boosting at D3Hell means communicating with your customer, be flexible when it comes to playing hours and make sure you are available for coaching and tips.
  • Discord for communication and be able to stream (regardless of platform, can be twitch, youtube, mixer and so on)
  • Be ready to provide your personal info, id or driving license (here you cover all sensitive info), you only need to show first last name, country and the picture of you. Other info such as social security number phone, birth date and so on should be covered for obvious reasons.

Copy the following template and provide the info when contacting us via live chat:

  • Game/Games I can work in:
  • Platforms I play (PC, PS, Xbox, etc):
  • Discord for contact (careful with capital letters must be exact, asd#1234 is not same with Asd#1234):
  • Age and Country:
  • Available hours for playing (include timezone or city as well):

How it Works:

Very simple, staff does not assign orders manually, instead you get access to the private orders page. Once customer places order you can see it with full description on what game, platform and what is the order about. Be the first to grab it and it is yours. We designed the system in order to avoid any bias from staff towards boosters, it’s a fair “First come, First served” policy that ensures fair play for everyone. After completion request payout.