COD Cold War Camos Unlock

Welcome to the COD Cold War multiplayer camos section. Order your weapon skins here, full Gold, Diamond & Dark Matter unlocks. For those with progress contact us on live chat or use the custom orders products to get discount based on your progression.


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COD Cold War - Custom Golden Camo Boost-min

Assault Rifles

Cold War Gold Camo Assault Rifles

Sub Machine Guns

Cold War Gold Camo Sub Machine Guns

Tactical Rifles

Cold War Gold Camo Tactical Rifles

Sniper Rifles

Cold War Gold Camo Sniper Rifles

Light Machine Guns

Cold War Gold camo Light Machine Guns


Cold War Gold Camo Launchers


Cold War Gold Camo Shotguns


Cold War Gold Camo Pistols

Melee + Special

Cold War Gold Camo Melee Weapons

Diamond Camo Unlock

COD Cold War brings us new Diamond camos, price and timeframe depends on type and number of weapons in that category. If you have any progress made contact us on live chat for discount.

COD Black Ops Cold War - Diamond Camo Unlock-min

Dark Matter Ultra

All skins unlocked, gold & platinum camos for all the weapon classes. This is a timely order and can take week or more to complete. Make sure to leave your playing hours in the order notes so we can work around them, include your time zone and hop in between our boosting sessions to check your progress & finish your daily gaming session.

Dark Matter Ultra
Cold War Dark Matter Camo - Damascus Unlock

Panel Section – Full Control Over Your Booster

We designed the Panel Section to give you fill control over your booster playing hours, manage your custom orders and provide fully customizable experience. Live progress updates on a daily basis, progress screenshots and live stream is just part of the features you can enjoy with each order. Request private coaching with each order and improve your game, at D3Hell our aim so to provide more than just boosting, our final goal is to improve you as a gamer.

Spice up your Call of Duty: Cold War experience when having no time to invest

As one of the most anticipated Call of Duty series, Cold War does deliver a strong punch. With a constantly raising number of sales, Cold War is conquering the gaming market by storm. This high octane ‘’Triple A’’ shooter offers a wide range of tasks and activities, that can leave the player occupied for hours in this vast and chaotic world. Interestingly enough, the story in Cold War is inspired by real life events, following Russell Adler, past Green Beret present CIA operative. His mission is to stop the USSR extremist group at all costs. The campaign takes place in different locations, such as the breathtaking Berlin, Vietnam and Turkey.

Experience an authentic Call of Duty: Cold War boosting experience

Taking into consideration the immense Cold War experience that can be overwhelming at times, we offer an expansive range of services, dedicated customer support team as well as compelling and affordable prices. For any inquires, the 24/7 customer support team has your back at any time. The tete-a-tete, private live chat between customers and boosters has an intention to offer practicality and amplify the overall quality of the service, with constant updates delivery regarding the progression of the orders. Don’t hesitate to ask the boosters for best builds, weapons, optimal leveling routes or any tips and tricks in general. We highly encourage that, as all boosters are immensely engaged in providing the finest assistance possible. Furthermore, if you are satisfied by the booster’s performance, selecting him as your booster on your next order is available when checking out.

custom cod cold war orders
sale final

Watch Out For Monthly Discount Codes

A dedicated team in charge of discounts and limited sales is tirelessly striving to improve the overall experience of our customers and help preserve the dough in their wallets. Be mindful of constant discounts and sales, delivered through social media or our website. Some products show a special icon which indicates a certain percentage of a discount. Other products have an implemented discount when passing a certain threshold already, up to 30% on all orders. For example, the higher prestige level you purchase, the higher the discount.

Returning and loyal customers are seen as a part of the D3hell family, and are given the ability to request discounts on upcoming orders within a given time frame, as one of the many benefits yet to be discovered. Always remember to contact our live chat team when ordering in bulk since we can apply exceptional discounts for any orders you make.

Safety and integrity is our top priority

Every boost is done in a strict and confidential manner. Our professional Cold War boosters are pragmatic and efficient, striving to deliver each and every order within a minimal time frame. We have a strong anti-cheating policy, thus we choose our boosters carefully. Our boosters undergo a series of challenges before becoming a part of the D3hell team so that we can ensure a 100% customer satisfaction and protection. Our website undergoes scheduled security tests on daily basis to make sure every order is carried out according to the highest security standards google can provide.

Customers sensitive information is strictly confidential and is not compromised in any shape or form, since the only persons with access are the high authority admins and the respective Cold War booster, who is closely monitored. If instructed by the customer, the boosters can use a VPN for additional security measures. Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer support team if you encounter any issues with an order or a booster. If any inconvenience does occur, we will simply assign you a new booster or compensate you accordingly.

Slide trustpilot verified reviews 7 years boosting experience Website uses latest SSL security protocols and is undergoing scheduled security checks to ensure safe trading environment. Customer's privacy is our top priority, any info you provide is only available to the booster assigned.
Real reviews from previous and ongoing orders on our Trustpilot page. We only work with proven professionals that consistently rank high on the global lederboards.
Our work extends 7 years back. We first made our start working on various forums and gaming communities. Just Google D3Hell (our previous domain) for all our work.

F.A.Q. about the service

Weather you ordered camo unlocks, prestige boost or some of the notoriously difficult medals, most of the orders are done by our professional players playing on your account. Alternatively you can opt for carry/selfplay service and join us in game while we help you achieve your goal. Contact your booster through the My Panel section or talk to us on live chat (bottom right part) in case there is delay with the delivery.

We work with professional gamers from all areas and regions, as long as the player can meet our strict quality criteria we are willing to work with them. Most of us are from the United States & Europe, but we also work with players from Australia, Asia and so on. If you are worried about new location triggering suspicious activity on your account you can always opt for VPN use in order to ensure safe processing of your order.

As we work 24/7 worldwide, most orders are started within 15-60 minutes, although in rare occasions it can be several hours if every team is asleep or busy. Talk to us prior order for details on availability. Incase order cannot be started in 24h we will issue a full refund.

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Multiple payment processors are available on checkout including Apple Pay, G-Pay, Stripe, all of which support direct credit card payments.

As with any other game, order is eligible for full refund if it hasn’t been started within 24h. If the service ( for whatever reason ) could not be completed, or took way longer than expected partial refund or additional ingame service can be extended depending on the situation. Read more about our Refund Policy here (2nd subsection).

For any additional questions or information use the live chat, we cover 24/7 support. Use our contact/support page for email and other inquiries or reach out on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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