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  • Weapons Leveling  along the way.
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  • Military Rank Level up along the way

Requirements: You must have the Achievement available for completion (if it requires certain stage, level and so on).


CROCODILE – Shoot three enemies while underwater in ‘Wetwork’.

MUST BE WIND –  Rescue the hostages in ‘Countdown’ without the enemies firing their weapons.

GUNLESS – Finish ‘Alone’ without firing a gun.

TEST DRIVEDrive 5 vehicle types in ‘Violence and Timing’.

GHOST IN TRAINING – Reach the penthouse in ‘El Sin Nombre’ without killing anyone or triggering the alarm.

DON’T TOUCH THE DECK – In ‘Dark Water’ advance 90 meters towards the front of the ship without touching the deck.

KEEPING THIS ONE – Reach Price using the first vehicle you hijack.

GENTLMAN THIEFOpen three safes in the Campaign.

WALL OF DUTY – Kill three enemies with the Riot Shield in the Campaign or in Co-op.

DAREDEVIL – While affected by one Flashbang, kill two enemies in the Campaign or in Co-op.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT– Shoot all the targets in the training area in ‘Ghost Team’.

A CRAPPY WAY TO DIE – Kill the enemy in the porta-potty.

NESSIE – Reach the barge without being seen in ‘Wet Work’

NO TIME TO LOSE – Complete the CCTV sequence in four minutes.

BACKPACK GUY – Kill gassed or blinded enemies using a Molotov, Semtex, and Frag in ‘Prison Break’

CUTTING HANDS OFF SNAKES – Finish all campaign missions on veteran or realism difficulty.

TIME FOR PINTS – Finish the campaign on any difficulty

NOBODY WAS THERE – Never trigger the alarm in ‘Recon by Fire’

NIGHT FIGHT – Earn three stars in ‘Low Profile’

HELLRIDE – Earn three stars in ‘Denied Area’

KINGS OF THE MOUNTAIN – Earn three stars in ‘Defender: Mt. Zaya’

GOING DARK – Complete ‘Low Profile’ without triggering any alarms

ONLY THE BEGINNING – Earn at least one star in co-op

FULL SSE – Find 20 intel fragments in co-op

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