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MW3 & Warzone Nukes Boosting for PC, PS & XBOX

Order your brand new COD MW3 Nuke Boost and let us handle the job for you. Available Nukes: Multiplayer 30 kill streak and nuke activated, Warzone Champion quest S1 exclusive camo skin obtained and badge secured, or the brand new S3 Rebirth Island the hardest nuke so far available for purchase.

This is not our first Call of Duty nuclear, with over 1000 nukes under our belt, we are ready to light the skies in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3!


  • Piloted/Account Share (Default) – Our pro booster will login on your account and deliver the order for you.
  • Streamed Service (Optional) – Watch us live as we work on your account.

Nuke Rewards

  • Calling card – Champion Banner
  • Operator skin: Material Handler
  • Weapon Camo: Engine Light’s On
  • Weapon Charm: Master Procrastinator
  • Large sticker: Alpha Particles
  • Operator Skin: Meltdown 240
  • Weapons Camo: Acerbic Roil
  • Weapon Charm: Atomic
  • Calling Card: Big Boom
  • Emblem: Dangerous Material
  • Emblem: Number 1
  • Weapon Sticker: Nuke Crew
  • Weapon Sticker: Warning Nuke



With our professional Boosting service led by seasoned COD players you can now achieve the most challenging task in the game, the MW3 Killstreak or Obtain the most prestigious brand new Warzone Camo with a full completion on the Champion Quest.

Warzone Rebirth Island Nuke Completion Step by Step

Here are the steps for completing the Warzone Rebirth Island Champion’s Quest, where you must collect three elements to trigger the Nuke:

  1. Locate and secure the Champion’s Quest Contact marked on your map.
  2. After the countdown, the elements will begin dropping, starting with Beryllium.
  3. Interact with the Care Package to acquire the Beryllium and store it safely.
  4. Repeat the process for Neptunium and Tritium as they drop.
  5. Once you have gathered all three elements, the Nuke will appear on the map.
  6. Proceed to the designated location, deposit the elements, and activate the bomb.
  7. Defend the Nuke for a duration of two minutes.
  8. Witness the explosion and celebrate your victory.

Warzone Champion Quest Nuke Challenge Steps

  1. Claiming Victory:
    • We aim for glory by winning either five consecutive matches or a total of 30 games in Warzone 3, unlocking the coveted Champion’s Quest contract.
  2. Unveiling the Challenge:
    • Keep an eye out for the distinct yellow crown on the map with ‘WZ’ in the middle. Once spotted, that’s the Champion’s Quest contract.
    • It’s up to one of us to grab the contract and kickstart the challenge.
  3. Against the Clock:
    • The moment we accept the challenge, the clock starts ticking. We have 20 minutes to conquer the entire Champion’s Quest.
  4. Hunting with the Geiger Counter:
    • Our first mission is to snag a Geiger counter, marked on the map as a yellow phone icon with wings.
    • That trusty Geiger counter will guide us to the three crucial elements: Beryllium, Plutonium, and Tritium.
  5. Green Circles and Radiation:
    • Step into the marked area, a vibrant green circle on the map.
    • The Geiger counter becomes our compass, guiding us to the radioactive cache within the highlighted zone.
  6. Element Extraction:
    • The radioactive cache is our first stop, securing the initial element.
    • Now, locate and drill open the nuclear safe to unveil the second element.
  7. Downing the Nuclear Chopper:
    • Engage and take down the nuclear chopper to seize the third and final element.
  8. Assembling the Nuke:
    • With all three elements in our possession, witness the bomb site descending from the sky.
    • We now embark on assembling the Nuke, putting together the pieces of our impending victory.
  9. Defending our Creation:
    • The Nuke is assembled, and our next task is to defend it for two intense minutes against relentless threats.
    • Victory hinges on successfully safeguarding the Nuke for the specified duration.
  10. Sweet Success:
    • Hooray! If we manage to defend the Nuke successfully, our squad clinches victory, and we complete the challenging Champion’s Quest contract.

Note: The Champion’s Quest is no walk in the park, it’s one of the most challenging tasks in the game and we are ready to complete it for you!

COD MW3 Multiplayer Nuke: Unleash Devastation with a 30-Kill Streak!

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, unlocking the Nuke is a straightforward yet challenging task. All you need to do is achieve an impressive 30-kill streak during a single match. Once accomplished, you have the power to release the Nuke, reshaping the battlefield and reaping the rewards of your exceptional feat.

It’s a test of skill, strategy, and perseverance that, when conquered, solidifies your dominance in the COD MW3 multiplayer arena.

We’ve Got You Covered Across All Platforms!

Whether you’re on PC, PS, Xbox One, or the latest Series, our teams are equipped on every single platform to tackle the most challenging tasks on your behalf. With regional coverage spanning from east to west, and top-tier teams hailing from central Europe, we’re prepared to cover it all: NA, EU, Asia, and OCE!

Your personal gamer experts are ready for hire, no matter where you are.

For any question regarding our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Nuke Boosting services reach us on live chat we are online 24/7!


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