Best way to get in touch with us or inquire about our service is via live chat, we cover 24/7 live support. In a rare event that we are away due to holidays leave your message and include your email so we can get back to you.

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#N2 Best Gaming Service Provider According To Trustpilot



    1. How can i trust you will deliver what i paid for ?

    We offer boosting services for the past 7 years and counting, google D3Hell and do your own research, you can find us on various gaming forums and virtual services trading platforms. Our Trustpilot page was recently opened in December 2020 and is a place where gamers that used our services can review our work. As of this writing June 8th we sport a perfect 5.0 Trustpilot score with over 500 reviews (subject to change in future).

    2. Where are you from ? 

    – We are a bunch of gamers that started working from their homes from US and European countries, but expanded globally over the course of the next few years. Although our business is registered in New Castle, DE, United States, your booster location might be from US, EU, Asia or Australian Ip address. In case you are worried about your personal booster location, keep in mind you can always request that we use VPN while performing the service in order to ensure safe order completion.


    3. I can’t trust a random person with my account, what assurance do i have ?

    Rest assured we only work with proven professionals in their field and accept only players that consistently rank high on the global leaderboards, stream for a living and are constantly engaged with the gaming community weather it be on forums, social media and/or ingame. In case you believe there is anything wrong with your ongoing order you can always request that we switch your booster mid service, just message us on live chat (live chat agents are always different and independent teams from the ingame boosters).


    4. The account I ordered is not as advertised, why did this happened ?

    -We are humans after all, and when listing  accounts sometimes we might make mistake copy pasting info, or perhaps something happened to the account in between listing and sale (we check em before listing). In such an event simply use one of the contact options (skype or website live chat) and we will correct it.


    5. I ordered a boost, but changed my mind during the order, can i change things mid boost ?

    – Yes, as long as it is in the limits of the game we have no problem adjusting or changing the final order. Keep in mind however, if the revised order requires additional time or is harder to achieve we might require additional payment, although this is not mandatory.


    If still have any questions or worries regarding making your first order you can always talk to us on live chat.

    We’ll get there mate…