D3Hell is Rebranding to Captain-Carry.com

Hey guys, we are changing the domain name from D3Hell.com to Captain-Carry.com. We will introduce additional character design & some quality of life improvements, however that’s the only thing that is going to change. Alek – Your favorite chat agent will still lurk around and stick to his mildly underpaid job, your list of favorite boosters will remain the same, basically nothing will change under the hood. The same team that operated D3Hell.com will still be behind every order or live chat request post rebranding.

Everything Stays the Same

All your bookmarks, ongoing orders and chat panel history should remain intact for your current orders. All D3Hell.com pages will auto-redirect to the new Captain-Carry.com domain, including the guides sections, boosting & powerleveling pages in addition to the dashboard & panel sections. We took care of everything so that you don’t have to 😀

D3Hell - Captain-Carry.com rebrand why

Why Rebrand ?

The first game we started working in was Diablo 3. You go to hell, you fight bad guys, hence the name D3Hell – pretty neat right ? Over the course of the past few years certain entities looking to partner with us over various games or services couldn’t help but feel some negative connotation due to having the word Hell in a domain name – it simply didn’t sounded right for their targeted audience. Although at the time D3Hell sounded like the perfect domain name for the games intended (Diablo 3, Path of Exile era) our plans for the long run are to have a more friendly and appealing demeanor for the broader audience.

Up Next

Over the course of the next month we will work to ensure the transition process goes as smoothly and bug-free as possible. Maintaining our #N1-#N3 google search ranking, in addition to giving you enough of a headsup is important to us, in case there are any issues in the post-transit domain make sure to alert us via live chat and earn a 10% off on your next order for any bug reported 😀


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