Diablo 3 Echoing Nightmare Explained


For this new season the theme will be related to the nightmare, a challenge is introduced in the game where players will have to fight in the distant memories of Nephalem who fell into a higher rift. The Nephalem of today must stand their ground until they are overwhelmed or defeated. You must collect a petrified cry from the guardians of the Great Rift defeated to access this optional mode.
For this you must use a petrified cry in the cube of Kanai that will invoke a portal in which the player can enter and face the horrors of the past of Nephalem.


First of all, the petrified screams and the resounding nightmare are accessible only with seasonal characters. If you have a seasonal character, you will not need teammates to be able to transmute a petrified scream and enter a resonant nightmare in a multiplayer game. Since this mode is considered a boss fight, all players in the multiplayer session must accept an invitation to enter. In Resonant Nightmare, the difficulty of the enemies increases and players can progress faster if they defeat the monsters very quickly.

Here are the possible types of rewards you can earn by finishing a nightmare alive : You will gain Experience that’s obvious! But also legendary items, blood shards, standard gems and a new legendary, Whisper of Atonement. This gem is exclusively reserved for augmenting old legendary items. It will be pre-ranked based on your performance in this game mode.


There are rare monsters that will appear, meteors will fall from the sky to try to inflict damage on you so remember to dodge! There are hellish machinations that can spawn and will generate explosive crazies as well. The Rift Guardians are joining the game! Our friendly developers have increased the spawn rate of the monsters. An update has been made to the Shadow Clone so that the area of effect is better reflected. The exit delay has been increased to 60 seconds (don’t die!). The rank of a Whisper of Atonement can drop to 125 depending on the level completed. Monsters can no longer be frozen, stunned, rooted or knocked down!

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To start we have 2 cards that have been removed but 3 that have just been added to the Greater Rift pool! Removed maps : Caldeum Sewers and Hidden Aqueducts. Added maps : Fields of Misery, Desolate Sands and Briarthorn Graveyard. Map and monster group probabilities have been adjusted for better balance and player enjoyment!

Some monsters have been adjusted so that you can earn more experience when you defeat them :

The Blazing Guardians
The Smoking Guardians
Frost Guardians
The Noxious Guardians
The Shock Guardians
The Lancers of the Blood Clan
Dark Moon Impaleurs
The Impalers of the Moon Clan
The Impaleurs of the Blood Clan
The Impaleurs of the Ice Clan
The Witches of Hell
The Vile Temptress

If you are overwhelmed you can now talk to Orek to close an active upper rift but only in solo.
There is an additional increase in progression that is granted by some monsters in the upper rifts, but also by Fallen Shaman, Fallen Conjurer, Fallen Prophet and Falen Firemage.
There is a new visual addition while entering Orek’s dream.



To improve the PTR experience, changes have been made to the bags sold by Djank Mi’em. Starting with version 2.7.3 the legendary drop rate has been removed to make room for more targeted drop rates. From now on the class set bags are grouped into one bag, which drops items according to the class you are playing. Below is a list of all the packs :

The composition for a rush in Echoing Nightmare.

Solo :
In order to excel in Echoing Nightmare, removing a build requires several things:

Large AoE to kill all monsters as they appear. (Bonus points for persistent damage or pets and auto-aiming projectiles)
Some mobility to freely click on pylons and track down infernal machinations .
High damage to stay in the “first wave” stage as long as possible.
The Marauder Demon Hunter incarnation clearly comes out on top here, just as its main weakness – the fact that you have to castSentry 5 times before you can inflict damage – is completely negated by the nature of this game mode.

Still, almost any build that is good for Greater Rift speedfarming will also be decent enough for Echoing Nightmare. Check out or Echoing Nightmare Tier List to see how the different versions compare to each other.

In Group :
All of the same considerations of single player apply to group play, so Marauder DH is still the best. But since you now have at least two DPS that can each cover half the map, other builds with a smaller AoE become almost as good as Demon Hunter (e.g. LoD or Inna Monk).

zBarb is included in the team for its ability to provide massive toughness buffs and even resurrect fallen DPS players.

The final spot on the team is a wild card. This can be a zDH to provide the damage buff on later waves, or it can be the third DPS to kill early waves a little faster, or it can even be a level 400 paragon Witch Doctor, whose only job is to insertPetrified Scream is into the cube.


There is an additional quirk in the gameplay of Echoing Nightmare group that comes fromThe flavor of time. Unlike the single player, you don’t get this effect for free from your follower, so you have to trade it. Fortunately, this is fairly easy to do and requires no communication. As a rule, you will click theSpeed Pylon very early, then the other three pylons about 30-40 seconds later. Since you don’t need any extra damage during the first few waves, you can simply start the game with The Flavor of Time equipped and exchange it forSquirt’s Necklace once you see all the active pylons on your buff bar.

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