Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts Farming Services

Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts Farming Services

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Order Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts Farming services for PC, PS & Xbox!

When it comes to Diablo 4 brand new content, our Malignant Hearts farming services have got you covered. With our expertise, your Diablo 4 account is in perfectly safe hands. Our professional boosters provide constant updates and ensure the best possible farming results.
Harness the power of these potent gems with our reliable and efficient farming services.


  • On Account/Piloted (Default) – Sit back and relax as a professional booster logs into your account and farms the desired amount of Malignant Hearts for you.
  • Carry/Selfplay (Optional) – Join our party and actively participate in the Malignant Gems farming. Whenever a malignant enemy spawns, we’ll inform you, and together, we’ll take them down.
  • Streamed Services (Optional) – Want to learn from one of the best MMORPG players? Watch us live and gain valuable insights, strategies, and tips from our expert players while witnessing the farming process in action.


  • The ordered amount of Malignant Hearts obtained on your account!
  • Random Gems with extraordinary powers.
  • Tons of Gold, Mats & Gear for your character.
  • More info coming soon!


Why Purchase Malignant Hearts Farming Services?

Discover a World of New Possibilities in Diablo 4 Season 1 with Malignant Hearts. These Hearts will introduce a new powerful gems with new unique abilities that will revolutionize the gameplay and character building. By socketing these gems onto your gear, you can completely transform your gameplay experience and unlock a whole new realm of character builds and strategic approaches.

  1. Unique Abilities: A total of 32 unique Malignant Hearts await your discovery! These abilities are crucial to find and will play a significant role in enhancing your character’s power and effectiveness in Diablo 4 Season 1.
  2. Brand New Playstyle: Experience character transformation like never before. By equipping Malignant Hearts, you’ll unleash a whole new playstyle that will set your character apart from the rest.
  3. Fresh Builds for our Classes: The introduction of Malignant Hearts brings life into diverse playstyles, allowing you to create unique and powerful combinations that suit your preferred approach.

Malignant Powers and Categories

With the four categories of Malignant Hearts, you can expect a refreshing addition of three new types of sockets for your gear. Notably, the highly coveted fourth category will be available for socketing across all equipment slots.

Malignant Hearts available for all classes:

  • The Picana: Critical Strikes electrically charge the enemy for 0.75-2.50 seconds, causing lightning to arc between them and any other charged enemies dealing 68-136 Lightning damage.
  • The Dark Dance: Every 5 seconds while above 60% Life, Core Skills cost 68-51 Life instead of your Primary Resource. Skills that consume Life deal 10-20% increased damage.
  • Tempting Fate: You gain 40-60% Critical Strike Damage but your Non-Critical Strikes deal 20-15% less damage.
  • The Lionheart: You gain 10% Barrier Generation. You Heal 3-7 Life per second while you have an active Barrier.
  • Revenge: 10-20% of incoming damage is instead suppressed. When you use a Defensive, Subterfuge or a Macabre skill, all suppressed damage is amplified by 250% and explodes, dealing up to 1360-2040 Fire damage to Nearby enemies.
  • Prudent Heart: You become Immune for 2.0-4.0 seconds after you lose more than 20% Life in a single hit. This effect can only occur once every 110 seconds.
  • Determination: Resource draining effects are 40-50% less effective. In addition, gain 3.0-8.0% increased Resource Generation.
  • Retaliation: Deal 510-680 Fire damage to surrounding enemies whenever a Crowd Control effect is removed from you.
  • The Calculated: After spending 150-200 of your Primary Resource, your next attack Stuns enemies hit for 2 seconds.
  • The Malignant Pact: Cycle through a Malignant bonus every 20 kills:
    Vicious: Gain 20% Attack Speed.
    Devious: Core and Basic Skills have a 15% chance to fully restore your Primary Resource.
    Brutal: Every 21 seconds, gain a Barrier absorbing 85-102 damage.
  • Creeping Death: Your damage over time effects are increased by 30-40% for each different Crowd Control effect on the target. Unstoppable monsters and Staggered bosses instead take 110-130% increased damage from your damage over time effects.
  • The Barber: Critical Strikes and all subsequent damage within 2.0-4.0 seconds is absorbed by your target. Then, the absorbed damage erupts onto surrounding enemies. Stored damage is increased by 10% per second.

Barbarian Class specific Malignant Hearts:

  • Focused Rage: After spending 100-60 Fury within 2 seconds, your next Non-Basic Skill’s Critical Strike Chance is increased by 20-30%.
  • Resurgent Life: While below 40-60% Life, you receive 50-60% more Healing from all sources.
  • Punishing Speed: Your Skills have a 20-30% chance to Knock Down all enemies for 1.25 seconds when that Skill’s Attack Speed is higher than 35-20%.
  • Ignoring Pain: Incoming damage has a 5-15% chance of being ignored and instead Healing you for 17-68.

Rogue Class specific Malignant Hearts:

  • Cluster Munitions: Lucky Hit: You have up to a 20% chance to launch 3 Stun Grenades that deal 26-32 Physical damage and Stun enemies for 0.50 seconds.
  • Trickery: When you use a Subterfuge Skill, leave behind an unstable Shadow Decoy Trap that Taunts enemies. The Shadow Decoy Trap will explode after 6.0 seconds dealing 680-1020 Shadow damage. Cannot occur more than once every 5 seconds.
  • The Clipshot: Lucky Hit: Up to a 20-40% chance for your Cutthroat Skills to Slow by 40% for 3 seconds and your Marksman Skills to Knock Back enemies.
  • The Vile Apothecary: Your attacks have a 5-15% chance to apply all Imbuement effects at 40-50% of normal potency.

Druid Class specific Malignant Hearts:

  • The Moonrage: Kills have a 5% chance to summon a Wolf Companion to your side for 20-30 seconds. In addition, gain +3 to Wolves.
  • The Agitated Winds: When 8-13 Close enemies, automatically cast Cyclone Armor. This cannot occur more than once every 10-20 seconds.
  • Inexorable Force: Up to 30-50 Distant enemies are pulled toward you while you have an Ultimate Skill active.
  • The Unconstrained Beast: When you are hit with a Stun, Freeze or Knock Down effect, there is a 40-60% chance to automatically activate Grizzly Rage for 3 seconds.

Sorcerer Class specific Malignant Hearts:

  • Tal’Rasha: For each unique element you deal damage with, you deal 7-12% increased damage for 3-10 seconds.
  • Spellbreaking: After taking Elemental damage, gain 20-40% Resistance to that element for 5 seconds.
  • Spite: When you are afflicted with a Crowd Control effect, there is a 20-40% chance that the same enemy and enemies around you are also afflicted with the same effect for 3 seconds.
  • Omnipower: Core Skills that launch a projectile consume all of your Mana. For every 45-35 extra Mana consumed, you launch an additional projectile, and the damage is increased by 3.0-5.0%.

Necromancer Class specific Malignant Hearts:

  • The Sacrilegious: Walking near a Corpse automatically activates an equipped Corpse Skill every second, dealing 40-30% reduced damage.
  • The Decrepit Aura: When at least 5 enemies are near you, gain an aura that automatically curses surrounding enemies with Decrepify for 5-15 seconds.
  • Frozen Terror: Up to a 10-20% chance of inflicting Fear for 2.5 seconds. Feared enemies are Chilled for 20% every second.
  • The Great Feast: Each Minion drains 1.0-2.0 Essence per second but deals 50-75% increased damage. With no Minions, this bonus applies to you and drains 5 Essence per second.

For any question regarding our Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts Farming Services reach us on live chat we are online 24/7!

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How does the Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts Farming services works?

In short, a professional Diablo 4 booster will login on your account and farm the desired amount of the Malignant Hearts for you.

Do i need to share my account details?

No, you don’t share your account login details. This is done by carry, which means we will be speed leveling together in a party. What we need from you is only your Battletag.

Are the speed leveling carry boost services safe?

Yes! Our speed leveling carry boost services is the safest method in the boosting world. There is a 0% chance of a ban or any penalties on your account.
All you get is an extra friend to your friends list who will assist you in achieving your leveling goals.

Can I choose a specific time for my speed leveling boost?

Definitely! When placing your order, you’ll find a “Extra Notes” section where you can provide any important details, including your preferred play hours. Just let us know your preferred time, and we’ll do our best to accommodate it.

How fast can you start from placing the order?

Most orders are started within 15-60 minutes, although sometimes it may take up to a few hours, depends on booster availability. To ensure a smooth experience, we recommend reaching out to us via live chat before placing your order.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full refund if your order has not been initiated within 24 hours or if we are unable to complete the delivery. For more detailed information on refunds, please refer to our Refund Policy.