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Diablo 4 Story Boosting Services - Campaign completion

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Diablo 4 Story Boosting Services for HC & SC Chars!

Complete your Diablo 4 story with the expertise of our professional boosters, offering both carry and piloted on account services. Whether you prefer partial or full story boosting, we have you covered on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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  • Account Share (Default) – we login to your account and deliver the story boosting services.
  • Selfplay/Carry (Optional) – as play with booster, we run you follow.
  • Streamed Service (Optional) – watch us live as we work on your account.
  • Hardcore (Optional)


  • The Diablo 4 Story completed for your character.
  • Gear, Items, Gold, Mats and other in-game rewards obtained along the way.
  • All Waypoints Unlocked for the story region.
  • Optional – All Altars of Lilith Unlocked for the story region.
  • Optional – All Dungeon aspects for your class.


  • Scheduled Playing Hours: We understand the importance of your gaming time. To ensure a smooth experience, simply include your preferred gaming hours in the extra notes section when placing your order.
  • Custom Discounted Prices: We value your progress and loyalty. Contact us through our live chat and provide details about your current progress in the game. Our team will be happy to offer you a personalized discounted price based on your progress.


The full story completion should not take more than 6 hours. Our teams are ready to deliver it within few hours and get your class of choice to level 40 to 45 by the end of the story.
Everything of worth found during the campaign boost will be safely stored on your account. Progress towards your build of choice with decent amount of gold and mats.


We start from the thrilling prologue and progress through all 6 Acts, including the Epilogue with the climactic encounter against Lilith. We handle every main quest, defeat the final boss, and unlock all the sanctuary waypoints for you.


The Prologue: Wandering completion includes the following main quests:

  1. Dusk on the Mountain
  2. Darkness Within
  3. A Hero’s Return
  4. A Hero’s Reward
  5. Prayers for Salvation
  6. In Search of Answers
  7. Rite of Passage
  8. Missing Pieces

The Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith completion includes the following main quests:

  1. Ill Tidings
  2. Tarnished Luster
  3. The Knight and the Magpie
  4. Undertaking
  5. Below
  6. In Her Wake
  7. Storming the Gates
  8. The Cost of Knowledge
  9. Light’s Guidance
  10. Kor Valar
  11. Pilgrimage
  12. Light’s Judgement
  13. Light’s Protection
  14. Wayward
  15. Shroud of the Horadrim
  16. Fledgling Scholar
  17. Crossing Over
  18. Descent
  19. Light’s Resolve

The Act 2: The Knife Twists Again completion includes the following main quests:

  1. An Unforeseen Visit
  2. Dark Omens
  3. Encroaching Shadows
  4. Exhuming the Forgotten
  5. Harrowed Lament
  6. Apex of Misery
  7. Parting Embers
  8. Feral Nature
  9. The Beast Within
  10. The Path of Rage
  11. Fangs of Corruption
  12. Stemming the Flow
  13. Buried Secrets
  14. In Ruins
  15. Entombed Legacy
  16. Shadow Over Cerrigar
  17. As the World Burns

The Act 3: The Making of Monsters completion includes the following main quests:

  1. The Spreading Darkness
  2. Whittling Sanity
  3. Suffering Disquiet
  4. A Moment to Collect
  5. Brought Low
  6. The City of Blood and Dust
  7. Small Blessings
  8. Whispers from the Past
  9. Through the Dark Glass
  10. Descent Into Flame
  11. Loose Threads
  12. Oasis of Memories
  13. Flesh from Bone
  14. Beneath the Mask
  15. Piercing the Veil
  16. Exhumed Relics

The Act 4: A Gathering Storm completion includes the following main quests:

  1. Prying the Eye
  2. A Master’s Touch
  3. Lost Arts
  4. A Meeting of the Minds
  5. Anguish Incarnate
  6. Eye of the Storm

The Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold completion includes the following main quests:

  1. The Path Divided
  2. Secrets of the Zakarum & Entombed Hatred
  3. Witch of the Wastes
  4. Encumbered Mind
  5. The Cage of Grief
  6. Tainted Flesh
  7. Wrack & Ruin
  8. Cold Blood
  9. Judgment of the Swamp
  10. The Serpentine Path
  11. Dirge of the Mire
  12. The Slow, Beating Heart
  13. A Cold and Lifeless Shore
  14. Picking Through the Bones
  15. Beneath the Wine-Dark Sea
  16. Fragments of Mortality
  17. On the Precipice
  18. Knee-Deep in Faith
  19. A Chorus of Voices
  20. Evil Stirs in Kehjistan

The Act 6: Dance of the Makers completion includes the following main quests:

  1. The Jewel of the East
  2. The Scouring of Caldeum
  3. The Walls Shake
  4. Essence of Hatred
  5. In Desolation’s Wake
  6. Light Extinguished
  7. The Blind Eye
  8. What Lies Ahead

The Epilogue: From the Wound Spilled completion includes the following main quests:

  1. Promises
  2. A Heavy Burden
  3. Legacy of the Horadrim


Experience our 100% safe and efficient story boosting service, available as carry/self-play option. Rest assured, there’s no need to share your account details with us. Simply provide us with your battle-tag, and we’ll embark on the game progression journey together.

Key highlight: Our expert teams are equipped with highly geared characters, ensuring a significantly faster completion time compared to playing through the story on your own account.

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How does the Diablo 4 Story Boosting services works?

In short, a pro D4 booster will log in to your account and play until the service of choice is completed. Alternatively, you may decide on carry (selfplay) and a booster will join you in game!

How can i trust you with my Account?

The website is SSL Secured which results with maximum security. In addition every boost is done in a strict and confidential manner, with strong anti-cheating policy as we choose our boosters carefully.

How fast can you start from placing the order?

Most orders are started within 15-60 minutes, although sometimes it may take up to a few hours.

What is your refund policy?

Full refund can be requested in case the order has not been started after 24h or we fail to deliver it. For more info and partial refunds check Refund Policy.