The Division 2 Exotics Farm Services

The Division 2 Exotics Farm Boosting Services

The Division 2 Exotics Farm Services for PC, PS & Xbox!

Welcome to the Division 2 Exotics farm as carry or piloted on account services. Hire a professional booster to help you obtain your exotic of choice, 100% safe The Division 2 boosting – farm till get services.

Optional Discounted full Build of choice for specific Division 2 Exotics – read bellow for more info on this!

Exotics Boost Options:

  1. Account Share (Default) – A pro Division 2 Booster will login on your account and play until the exotic of choice is fully obtained on your account.
  2. Carry/Selfplay (Optional) – You will be teaming up with us and grind together till the exotic of choice has dropped for you.
  3. Streamed Service (Optional) – Sit back, relax and watch us how we work on your order.


The Division 2 Exotic Items Farming

This is one of the most challenging content in The Division 2, farming an exotic item can take hours, days and some times a full week of hard grind till the exotic of choice finally drops.
There are few strategies to import in the grind which will speed up the process and the most important is playing on higher difficulty, at which our teams are specialized for.

Depends on the Exotic of choice we are ready to grind specific missions and activities, targeted loot runs on the areas with high chance of exotic drops, Control points on heroic difficulty, Dark Zones and Raids. Farm till get exotic services, with our persistent teams you get 100% exotic drop on your account.

Full List The Division 2 Exotic Items:

As of season 12 there are 41 exotics, 26 Weapons and 15 exotic gear pieces. One must have them all to test and see which one suits him the best.
For most of the Exotic weapons there are certain builds designed to get the most of out it. We are ready to provide you with a discounted bundles, an option to farm a builds of choice for your Exotic weapons.

Season 12
Assault Rifles Eagle Bearer / Capacitor / Chameleon / The Bighorn
Rifles Ruthless / Diamondback / The Ravenous / Doctor Home
Light Machine Guns Bluescreen / Pestilence / Bullet King
Marksman Rifles Dread Edict / Mantis / Nemesis / Sacrum Imperium Sniper
Submachine Guns Backfire / Lady Death / The Chatterbox
Shotguns The Lullaby / Sweet Dreams / Scorpio
Sidearms Liberty / Regulus / Busy Little Bee
Season 12
Masks Vile / Coyote’s Mask / Catharsis
Chest Pieces Ridgeway’s Pride / Tardigrade Armor System
Holsters Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster / Waveform / Imperial Dynasty
Backpacks Memento / Acosta’s Go-Bag / Ninjabike Messenger
Gloves BTSU Datagloves / Bloody Knuckles
Kneepads Sawyer’s Kneepads / Ninja Bike Messenger

Our professional teams cover all platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox!
All regions covered: NA, EU, Asia & OCE.

For any questions or extra info regarding our Division 2 Exotics Farm services – reach us on live chat we are online 24/7!

Introducing: Panel Section

Track Your Order!

Panel section is specifically designed with two goals in mind. First to ensure private one on one experience between the customer and booster. Secondly to provide our quality assurance team with progress log and…

Order Flow Explained


In short the entire Order Flow consist of 3 steps. Firstly make sure to select the service you are after. Secondly use the right side popup panel to select your region & provide us with any additional info we might need…


How does the Division 2 Exotics Farm Services works?

In short, a pro Division 2 Booster will log in to your account and farm your exotic item of choice. Optional carry services where we do the grind together and help you secure your exotic of choice!

How can i trust you with my Account?

The website is SSL Secured which results with maximum security. In addition every boost is done in a strict and confidential manner, with strong anti-cheating policy as we choose our boosters carefully.

How fast can you start from placing the order?

Most orders are started within 15-60 minutes, although sometimes it may take up to a few hours.

What is your refund policy?

Full refund can be requested in case the order has not been started after 24h or we fail to deliver it. For more info and partial refunds check Refund Policy.

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