Division 2 Full Builds Farm

Welcome to The Division 2 Full builds farming services. We offer the top 10 PvE, PvP and Raid Builds created by our professional teams, now able to obtain them on your character. This is done by account share services where our teams will log into your account and grind the game till the desired build is obtained on your account.

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Division 2 Full Builds Farm - PVP Lady Death-min
Lady Death PVP Build Farm
  • Exotic Lady Death SMG
  • + Proper SMG: Recommended Vektor with Strain
  • Exotic: Coyote’s Mask
  • Kneepad: Fox’s Prayer
  • Sokolov 2-x
  • WalkerHarris 1-x
  • Grupo Sombra 1-x
  • Mainly Focus: Crit Chance/Crit DMG / Armor
  • Chest Talent Intimidate
  • Backpack Talent Adrenaline Rush
    Armor 1.3m
    CC 50%+
    CD 140% + 25% Coyote’s mask
    Basic minimum CD 250k (Lady Death)
    Boosted minimum CD 550k (Lady Death)
Division 2 Full Builds Farm - Best Damage DMG Heroic Build-min
DMG Heroic-Raid Build Farm
  • Weapons: Named Baker’s Dozen + Suitable AR
  • Providence defence Chest The Sacrifice Talent: perfect Glass Cannon
  • Providence defence Backpack The Gift Talent: Perfect Vigilance
  • The Baker’s Dozen (Classic M14) Talent Perfect Lucky Shot
  • Fox’s Paryer +8% Damage
  • Contractor’s Gloves +8% Damage—————–
    Crit chance 45%+
    Crit Damage 180%+Bullet Damage 430k+
    Crit Bullet Damage 2.5M+This is Rifle and AR Damage build capable for raids and heroic activities. Focus on the crit chance and crit damage. Includes The Sacrifice body armor \ The Gift backpack \ Fox Paryer kneepads \ Contractor’s Gloves (Optionally can be changed to Ceska Vyroba to increase crit chance epending on the curent client’s SHD level) + Grupo Sombra and Providence Defense mask and holster

Damage Heroic/Raid Build

Headhunter Pistol PVE Build

Division 2 Full Builds Farm - Headhunter Pistol Build-min
  • Exotic pistol: Liberty (option 1)
  • Exotic pistol: Regulus (option 2)
  • Marksman Rifle that proc Headhunter
  • Exotic Backpack: Memento
  • Holster: Providence Defense
  • Gloves: Contractor’s
  • Kneepads: Fox’s Prayers
  • Vest: Chainkiller
  • All Stats Headshot DMG
  • X3 HS DMG Mod

Headhunter Sniper PVE Build

Division 2 Full Builds Farm - Headhunter Sniper Build-min
  • Exotic: Sniper Nemesis (option 1)
  • Exotic: Sniper Mantis (option 2)
  • SVD Sniper Rifle
  • Aces and Eights Gear set – Mask, Gloves, Holster & kneepads
  • Vest: HH Talent ChainKiller
  • Backpack: Vigilance Talent Airaldi Holdings
  • All Stats CHC and CHD
  • x3 Offensive Mods CHC/CHD

Assassin Raid Build

Division 2 Full Builds Farm - Raid ASSASSIN Build-min
  • Exotic AR: Capacitor
  • AR with Perfect Talent
  • Mask: Empress International
  • Gloves: Empress International
  • Kneepads: Empress International
  • Vest: Wyvern Wear
  • Backpack: Precussive Maintenance
  • Holster: Waveform Exotic
  • All Stats Skill Haste and Skill DMG
  • x3 Utility Mods Skill Haste

Healing Raid Build

Division 2 Full Builds Farm - Raid Healing Build-min
  • Exotic Shotgun: Sweet Dream
  • Exotic: BTSU Datagloves
  • Future initiative gear set – Mask, Vest, Holster & Kneepads
  • AR or Rifle with Reformation Talent
  • Backpack: Safeguard Talent Alps Summit
  • All Stats skill haste and repair
  • x3 Utility Mods Skill Haste

Tank Raid Build

Division 2 Full Builds Farm - Raid Tank Build-min
  • Exotic Gun: Liberty
  • Powerfull AR & Rifle or (Pistol option 2)
  • True Patriot Gear Set – Mask, Holster, Backpack & Gloves
  • Chest: Pointman – Vang Talent
  • Kneepads: Belstone armory
  • All stats armor and armor reg
  • x3 Defensive Mods
  • Armor 1500k+ & Armor Reg 40k+

Pyromancer PVE Build

Division 2 Full Builds Farm - Pyromancer PVE-min
  • Exotic Gun: Shotgun Scorpio
  • 1 – Poison (PvP Bleed)
  • 3 – Disorient (PvP Disrupt)
  • 6 – Shock (PvP Ensnare)
  • 7 – Target takes 20% damage from all sources)
  • Any proper SMG or AR

Gear set:

  • Vile Mask Exotic with talent Toxic Delivery
  • 4x Eclipse Protocol (Backpack and Chest)
  • 1x Golan


  • Armor min 850k+
  • Skill Tier 6\6
  • Skills
  • Sticky bomb
  • Cooldown -23sec
  • Damage +900k
  • Duration +10sec

Chem Launcher Firestarter

  • Ammo 8
  • Cooldown -20sec
  • Cloud Radius +3.0m
  • Cloud Duration +20sec
  • Damage +480k
  • Burn Damage +240k
  • Burn Duration +10s

Build in Action

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