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Bow Weapons

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PS5 & Xbox Exclusive Weapon farming, with additional option for its level boost upgrade!

Dragons Dogma 2 Weapons Bundle


All End Game Weapons & Equipment

PC Exclusive Bundle: get your end-game Equipment within a few minutes!

  • Dragon’s Dogma
  • Dragon’s Rancor
  • Dragon’s Vein
  • Dragon’s Nous
  • Dragon’s Bite
  • Dragon’s Wit
  • Lindworm Fang
  • Grianmhar
  • Dragonswail Litany
  • Dragon’s Aegis
  • Ancient Galea
  • Blazing Soul
  • Cavalier Hat
  • Cleric’s Hood
  • Deadly Nightshade
  • Dragon Knight’s Helm
  • Living Altar
  • Shrouded Helm
  • Subjugator’s Sallet
  • Duelist’s Coat
  • Dvarapala
  • Heroic Coat
  • Resonance Armor
  • Sacral Robe
  • Silhouette of Sorcery
  • Stygian Omen
  • Totemic Shroud
  • Vashara Scaleskin
  • Cliff Leapers
  • Eagle-Eye Cuisses
  • Executioner’s Greaves
  • Mettlesome Cuisses
  • Runic Gaiters
  • Scholar’s Breeches
  • Strider’s Greaves


Dragon's Dogma 2 Weapons Farming Services on PC, PS5 & Xbox Series.

Welcome to our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Weapons Farm and Upgrade Boost Services, available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series platforms. Our team of professional boosters is here to assist you in obtaining your desired weapons and upgrading them to your preferred level.

With our service, you can hire a skilled booster to farm on your account until your desired weapon is obtained. Additionally, we offer upgrade boosts to ensure your weapon reaches the desired level of power.

  • Account Share (Default) – Our pro booster will login on your account and farm till the weapon for you.
  • Streamed Service (Optional) – Kick back, relax, and watch us live as we play on your account.
  • The ordered DD2 weapon obtained and upgraded.
  • Overall progress on your character during our services.
  • Everything of worth found during the services will be safely stored on your account.

Should you have any inquiries, our 24/7 live chat support is readily available to address your questions and provide assistance throughout your Dragon’s Dogma 2 Story Boosting journey.

How we Farm the DD2 Weapons

In Dragon’s Dogma 2 to obtain your weapon of choice we will be exploring world, defeating various types of enemies for loot, completing specific quests target farm, and utilizing the crafting systems for specific upgrades.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Weapon Types Breakdown

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, the arsenal of weaponry is as diverse as the vocations themselves. Each class specializes in particular types of weapons, offering a unique combat experience. Here’s a breakdown of which vocation wields which type of weapon:

  1. Archer: Bows
  2. Fighter: Swords and Shields
  3. Mage: Staves
  4. Thief: Daggers
  5. Magic Archer: Magic Bows
  6. Mystic Spearhand (New Vocation): Duospear

Order your weapon unlock at Captain-Carry and prepare to master your chosen vocation for the upcoming battles in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Introducing: Panel Section

Track Your Order!

Panel section is specifically designed with two goals in mind. First to ensure private one on one experience between the customer and booster. Secondly to provide our quality assurance team with progress log and…

Order Flow Explained


In short the entire Order Flow consist of 3 steps. Firstly make sure to select the service you are after. Secondly use the right side popup panel to select your region & provide us with any additional info we might need…


How does the Dragon's Dogma 2 Weapons Farming service works?

In short a professional Dragon’s Dogma 2 booster will login on your account and play until your service of choice is completed. Optional selfplay (carry) boost services as well as private streams if requested!

How can i trust you with my Account?

The website is SSL Secured which results with maximum security. In addition every boost is done in a strict and confidential manner, with strong anti-cheating policy as we choose our boosters carefully. Additionally you can check our Trustpilot page, we sport a healthy 5.0 trust score for over 8 years back.

I am new player and i'd really like to excel in the game, how can you help?

As always we offer free tips and tricks for new and veteran players, tet-a-tet coaching, as well as discounted gearing bundles! Contact us via live chat for more details!

How fast can you start from placing the order?

Most orders are started within 15-60 minutes, although sometimes it may take up to a few hours.

What is your refund policy?

Full refund can be requested in case the order has not been started after 24h or we fail to deliver it. For more info and partial refunds check Refund Policy.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Multiple payment processors are available on checkout including Apple Pay, G-Pay, Stripe, all of which support direct credit card payments.