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Elden Ring Runes Online Shop

Purchase any amount of runes for your Elden Ring account and we will deliver it to you within few minutes. 100% safe and efficient method to safely get your levels up and buy items or consumables from the merch.

Don’t waste time on farming the runes, order the amount you need and get it delivered by professional boosters.

  1. We join your world.
  2. Drop the request amount of runes next to you.
  1. You must set up a password and share it with us (Multiplayer settings).
  2. You need to have at least one furlcalling finger remedy (you can purchase it from Merchant in the Church of Elleh).
  3. Use the item to summon a mark for your location (so we can find you).


Buy Elden Ring Runes - Online Shop

How to Purchase Elden Ring Runes at Captain-Carry

  1. Simple use navigate to the PC, PS or Xbox tab and use the product (dropdown) option to select the amount of Runes you need delivered.
  2. Once order is placed we will pick up the order and reach out to you via out customer-booster panel, get everything ready for the order to be delivered and join you in-game.
  3. Once we are in your In-game party, we come and deliver the runes to you.

For any question regarding our Elden Ring Runes delivery method reach us on live chat we are online 24/7!


What's the Elden Ring Runes used for?

In Elden Ring, Runes serve as the primary currency and experience points. You can use the power of the Runes to:

  1. Level Up: Increase your character’s stats by spending Runes at Sites of Grace.
  2. Purchase Items: Buy equipment, consumables, and other items from merchants.
  3. Upgrade Weapons and Armor: Improve the effectiveness of your gear at specific upgrade locations.
  4. Summon Spirits: Use certain Runes to call forth spirits for aid in combat.

Is it safe to purchase Runes at Captain-Carry?

Purchasing Elden Ring Runes from Captain-Carry is 100% safe and a proven method. With years of successful transactions and no bans or account safety issues, we have a track record you can trust. Over 1,000 happy customers have had their Runes delivered instantly, and now you can too.

How fast can you deliver the Runes from placing the order?

Your order will be picked up by supplier within 5-15 mins, depends on availability it can take up to several hours, but its important to know that we always deliver.
As for the trade, it take no more than few minutes.

What is your refund policy?

Full refund can be requested in case the order has not been started after 24h or we fail to deliver it. For more info and partial refunds check Refund Policy.