Fair Order Policy – 100% Delivery Promise

Update November 15th, 2020.

We are currently investigating option to re-introduce this method with Stripe and Payop payments on checkout, although it is an ambitious project there are certain technical difficulties we encountered and need a bit more time to work around them. In meantime we are back to the old – Pay on Checkout standard system that we used before.

*The following system below was put in function for a couple of months as we needed a test period to gather data and learn about the possible problems that can arrise, although it is currently placed on hold we are looking to re-introduce it somewhere in 2021.

When we started boosting and powerleveling services almost 8 years ago the first game we worked in was Diablo 3. It was easy back then, few guys with a day job will add us on skype, explain what they are after (which items, builds etc), and in a few days the order was done.

Over the past few years we worked in more than 50 games here at D3Hell, and the entire process from placing the order to fully finished service proved to be challenging to say the least, especially when you try to cover almost every game that you as a customer suggested we work in. As number of orders and games increased, so did the refunds issued, although the % stayed about the same in the 3-5% margin, we dared to do better. We though long and hard how do design a system that will promise 100% order delivery on each order paid, not just bring down refunds below 1%, rather guarantee 100% delivery on each purchase. Well, this is the Fair Order Policy.

fair order policy img

Unlike every other website today where the standard procedure is, select item, pay on checkout, wait for delivery or refund, our new custom built system will only charge you once you have booster assigned and order is guaranteed to be started and finished. Unlike before, placing the order on checkout will initiate the order free of charge and place it in our system pending booster assignment, you won’t be charged a dime until your Panel Section updates with your new booster waiting to start. Now you can either proceed with payment, or cancel the order for whatever reason.

The time window between initiating the order and booster assignment is free of charge, you only pay when the order is about to start. In a extremely rare event that nobody is available to take your order within 24h it will be cancelled and you can initiate it again at a later time.

Select Your Product

D3hell Select Product 2

As before, simply pick the item/items you have in mind and place them in basket, this process is same as before. Make sure to provide any extra notes on the order details field in case you want to play at certain times of the day, or have specific details about the order.

New Checkout System

D3hell Initiate Order 2

The new checkout system will now initiate your order and place it in our order queue free of charge. As before you can leave your discord id, but make sure to register prior finalizing the initiation step. You need to be registered for access to the Panel Section where the purchase will be finalized after booster is assigned.

Finalize Payment

D3hell Finalize Payment 2

The third step is finalizing the payment only after booster is assigned. Your Panel Section will initially search for booster and one should be assigned within 15-60 minutes from placing your order. Once booster pick up your order the dashboard change will generate your payment link and the order can start.