How to Level up Adventure Rank Fast- Genshin Impact

If you played the game “Genshin Impact” you probably asked your self “How to increase the AR fast?”. In this post we will make step by step guide of how to get high AR.  Just follow the steps in order we explained and you will be on the best way to reach Adventure Rank really fast.

Complete Story Quests:

In the extremely early game you’ll be very well served by following the main story quests and the Archon quests. All of these give up quite a lot of Adventure EXP – always in the hundreds – and this adds up quickly. While Genshin Impact lets you loose in its world right away, if you follow the core path set out for you, it’ll constantly give you enough Adventure EXP to unlock core features.

Worships of the Statues of the Seven:

There are a whole lot of ‘Statues of the Seven’ dotted around Mondstadt and Liyue, and each of these offers up a significant amount of Adventure EXP each time you make a donation to them and level them up. These statues also provide other bonuses, like Primogems, Sigils, and most importantly of all permanent buffs and increases to your character’s Stamina, which will make it easier to get around by climbing and sprinting for longer.

In addition to the Statues of the Seven you should focus on every Teleport location for some extra exp and open every chest on the way. Some of the Statues of the Seven could be only done trough the quests so pay attention to it while questing as well. If you get stuck and dont know how to get there check out our farm page for unlocking of the MAX level of the Statue of the Seven HERE.

Daily Quest Commissions:

Once you reach Adventure Rank 12, you’ll unlock the ability to take on Daily Commission Quests from the Adventurers’ Guild. These quests are randomly generated and are quite simple, but you can expect a good amount of Adventure EXP from them. You can only do four a day – so you should prioritize doing four every day, and keep an eye on the daily server reset time in order to pick up your next four.

The rewards, including how much Adventure EXP you get, scales depending on your current Adventure Rank. This ranges from 175 EXP up to almost 300 – and then there’s a bonus of as much as 500 Adventure EXP daily if you complete all four daily commission quests. That adds up to potentially as much as 1000 Adventure Rank EXP a day for very little time investment.

Adventurer Handbook Chapters:

The Adventurer Handbook is an item that you obtain from Katheryne, the Adventurer Guild character found near the entrance of Mondstadt early on in the game. It’s basically yet another form of progression in Genshin Impact, listing various tasks the player can complete and offering rewards in return. These tasks get more obtuse and more difficult to complete as you get deeper in the game, but each individual task gives 100 Adventure Rank EXP once completed, which becomes incredibly valuable.

Shrines of Depths:

The Shrine of Depths is another collectible out there in the world that’s particularly handy. Each Shrine gives you 60 Adventure EXP as well as other bonuses when unlocked – not the greatest gain, but decent if you’re struggling for additional places to grind.

The thing about these, however, is that each one requires a key to unlock, so the whole process is more protracted, thus it being lower down on this list. But it’s worth being aware of all the same. Each of this gives you a lot of the Artifacts and Resources needed to progress so definitely worth unlocking.

Explore, Clear Domains & Grab Treasure Chests:

There is not much to say here, except when in world doing any of the previous steps grab every single treasure chest and unlock every domain or dungeon on the way. Most of chest are simple to open by simply killing few monsters, while some ask for puzzle to be solved. But each chest give some Adventure EXP so it is definitely worth doing.

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