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Welcome to our Helldivers 2 Boosting services. Whether you prefer a carried or piloted experience, our professional boosters are here to elevate your character’s progress. From leveling up to conquering challenging missions, we’ve got you covered on any difficulty, across all Platforms and Regions.

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Helldivers 2 Boosting Services Explained

Are you ready to take your Helldivers character to the next level in your new favorite Helldivers 2 game? Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you excel, whether you aim to complete the planet quests or simply play with best FPS players in co-op mode. Captain-Carry is your ultimate solution.

With over a decade of experience in the boosting industry and a team consisting of some of the world’s top first person shooter players, we’ve consistently delivered the most reliable boosting services across numerous shooter games. Our focus is now on Helldivers 2 as well.

Helldivers 2 Featured Services

Custom Level Boost

Elevate your Helldivers’ levels to your desired specifications, up to the maximum level 50. We assure you a prompt completion without any delays, while simultaneously gearing up your Helldivers throughout the process.

Gearing Bundles

Among the most sought-after bundles in Helldivers 2, these packages are designed to expedite your Helldiver’s progress by providing essential weapons, ships, and overall power level boosts.

Carry Exclusive Missions Boosting

Struggling with completing specific missions on any difficulty level? Our adept teams are primed to assist you, guiding you through any challenge and ensuring successful mission completion.

Ships Unlock and Upgrades

Unlocking and fully upgrading every ship in the game is within reach with our Helldivers 2 Boosting services. Simply indicate the ships you desire, and we’ll handle the necessary farming and grinding until they are obtained and fully upgraded.

Farming Services

Need resources, materials, samples, or modules? Our Helldivers 2 Farming Services make acquiring these necessities effortless. Specify the quantity you require, and we’ll diligently farm on your behalf. Additionally, we offer piloted exclusive boosting services where we handle the farming process for you.

How We Do The Helldivers 2 Boosting Services

Everything at Captain-Carry is done by hand, including our new Helldivers 2 Boosting Services. Our professional FPS boosters are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to grind the game at a much higher level than regular players, providing the boost you need.

Piloted Boosting – Involves us logging into your account and playing on your behalf to enhance your progress.

Carry Boost – Collaborate with us to secure your levels, loot, quests or any other in-game objectives. Receive the assistance you need with our carry boost services.


Fully Customize Your Helldivers 2 Order

Customized Boosting Services

Our platform in general offers the most important and hard to achieve content in Helldivers 2. However if you are looking for specific things, make sure to reach us on live chat, so we can discuss on that mater.

Introducing: Panel Section


Panel section is specifically designed with two goals in mind. First to ensure private one on one experience between the customer and booster. Secondly to provide our quality assurance team with progress log and…

Order Flow Explained


In short the entire Order Flow consist of 3 steps. Firstly make sure to select the service you are after. Secondly use the right side popup panel to select your region & provide us with any additional info we might need…

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Helldivers 2 Boosting Services work?

In short, a pro booster will log in to your account and play until the service of choice is completed. Opt for carry boost services and join forces with one of the best first person shooter Players.

How can i trust you with my account?

First of all at Captain-Carry every boost is done in a strict and confidential manner. Our pro boosters are pragmatic and efficient, striving to deliver each and every order within a minimal time frame. Last but not least a strong anti-cheating policy, therefore we choose our boosters carefully. All in all top-notch boosting services.

How fast can you start from placing the order?

Most orders are started within 15-60 minutes, although sometimes it may take up to a few hours. In case your order isn’t started within 24h we will issue a full refund!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Multiple payment processors are available on checkout including Apple Pay, G-Pay, Stripe, all of which support direct credit card payments.