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Alatreon guide


With the introduction of Alatreon in the newest installment of MHW:Iceborn, come the newest mechanics, challenges and amazing rewards. We provide the newest and fully detailed MHW Alatreon guide. You’ll learn the mechanics, moves, best weapons and more in order to have an upper hand in the encounter.

To initiate the quest called Blazing Black Twilight, you need to pick it up from the Master Rank Special Assignments tab. Your master rank must be 24 or higher, and you must complete the fight within 50 minutes. If you’re struggling with gear or your HR/MR rank is too low, visit our MHW section ? at our website. Alatreon resides in the Secluded Valley, and is a known symbol of destruction. If it’s your first time brawling this ferocious yet alluring beast, the fight will always start in Fire Active mode.

Once you and your mates manage to defeat him, you’ll be able to initiate a fight with him again in the event quest tab. The Evening Star quest means that the fight will start in his Fire Active (form), and a quest called Dawn of the Death Star means that the fight will start in his Ice Active (form). Basically, you always want to bring a weapon with an elemental type advantage (fire elemental for his ice form and ice elemental for his fire form).

Fight cycles and core mechanics

You can face the mighty dragon in three of his forms or actives, Fire Active, Dragon Active and Ice Active. If the fight starts in his Fire Active, it will progress into Dragon Active and then switch to Ice Active. It means that the third phase will always be the opposing element of the first. In the third phase, the dragon will perform his devastating move called Escaton Judgment. If your elemental damage is low this move will one-shot kill you. If you managed to do enough elemental damage, you will heal through it.

To put it simply, the whole premise of the fight revolves around dealing enough elemental damage in order to weaken his Escaton Judgment super move so that you can survive and carry on with the fight. Sadly, you cannot brute force your way through the fight without an elemental advantage weapon. Elemental damage is a mandatory mechanic that you have to obey. (We’re sorry raw damage hunters, not this time ?). If you’ve dealt enough elemental damage, the handler will notify you with a message. The message states that you’re doing a good job in suppressing his power, which means that his Escaton Judgment move is weakened.

Alatreon handler

Breaking his horns, a key to victory!


As the fight continues, the mighty beast will switch into his Dragon Active form. You can break his horns during this stage only. This is very important because he won’t be able to switch to the opposing element in the third stage. If the fight starts in fire form you will stop him from ever going back into ice and vice versa. This is crucial because if you started the fight with an ice weapon against his Fire Active form, you preferably want his fire form throughout the whole duration of the fight. The easiest way to break his horns is to claw onto his head and smash it into a wall. As soon as he hits the ground, aim for his horns and break them.

❌We’d like to point out that you cannot use the Farcaster tool to switch weapons. The the only way back to camp is to get obliterated by the mighty beast ?. So dear hunters, make your lives easier, break the horns and keep the elemental damage in check.❌

Alatreon boss forecaster

It’s the final countdown!


If you’ve followed all of these steps, the creature will begin charging his Escaton Judgement super move. Subsequently, a notification will pop up and you’ll notice red lightning throughout his body. Make certain that your health bar is full, and it’s strongly recommended to bring an Astera Jerky

Alatreon Astera Jerky


As soon as you start taking damage from the explosion, eat an Astera Jerky to mitigate the damage. If need be, eat a second one. You’ll be grilled to death and become the main dish if you haven’t dealt enough elemental damage. ??

If you manage to break the horns, the dragon will always return to his starting element. The situation can become rather perplex if he switches to the opposing element (fire active first phase -> ice active third phase). It means that your weapon will do no elemental damage, and you will have to push for more damage in the next Dragon Active phase. If everything goes as planned, you typically repeat this cycle around two or three times.

Alatreon's broken horns

Tips and weaknesses chart

  • Elemental damage weapons (Ice against fire and vice versa) are the most important aspect of the fight ❄?
  • In the early phases of the fight, it’s always safer and more effective to attack his hind (back) legs
  • During the Dragon phase, it’s important to bring your Temporal Mantle while trying to Clutch Claw to his head. The mantle will dodge everything for you, thus making your goal much easier
  • There are a few tall rocks around the arena. Smash his head into the rocks with the help of your Clutch Claw
  • Don’t underestimate his powerful kit because his moves might be rather easy to dodge and predictable. Learn and remember the patterns
  • If you struggle in a team, try fighting the mighty dragon solo since the threshold is much lower.
Alatreon weak spots

And that’s all there is to know about this tedious, yet epic fight. We hope that this guide on how to kill Alatreon will help you make the fight easier, fun and enjoyable. Make sure that you stay tuned for all of the upcoming guides we intend to make in the future. ?