How to kill Safi’Jiiva guide – 2020 edition – Monster Hunter World: MHW Guide

What you need to know:

Safi’Jiiva is Monster Hunter World: Iceborn’s newest raid and we will help you put a stop to this tyrant’s reign. Simply follow our step this MHW Guide and you will succeed in your conquest.
Being one of the newest toothy friends Capcom has released in this expansion defeating it is quite the challenge. You and your fellow team members you need to plan out your strategy and know its weaknesses.

It being the fully grown form of the famous end boss of the original Monster Hunter World’s main storyline Xeno’Jiiva. You need to be at least MR24 to engage the quest “The Red Dragon”. In case you are struggling with HR/MR or perhaps gear feel free to check out our gearing up/leveling MHW section for some additional and fast easy help. Safi is located in the Secluded Valley.

How to approach this Siege raid?


Unlike most other quests in Monster Hunter World sieges allow players to combine their whole hunting party’s effort into the goal of defeating the single monster. With this method you have a complete hunting party of multiple groups who take on Safi’Jiiva in the same lobby and each time you deal a blow on her step by step you will increase the siege’s overall level.  It works the same way as Kulve Taroth’s siege raid making this the second siege/raid of the game.

The more people manage to damage and break a part of Safi the higher the siege’s level will increase. Simply because of this, gemming Partbreaker skill will be key in order to breake and sever parts of her body. Each time your group breaks parts it means that the maximum reward will be obtainable for your party. Simply join a lobby with some friends or even alone and keep fighting it until you finally annihilate the monstrosity. Even if you fail, that’s completely fine. Keep trying.

Loot system of the siege:

This siege has different type of loot system that rewards players with already crafted weapons instead of materials. There will be different weapons to choose from but have in mind one of the weapons that you are going after is always going to be the type of weapon you have equipped with yourself. Example if you finish the siege and report while having a bow equipped that will ensure you will have a Bow weapon as an option. You can choose three weapons from the pool of available weapons and having the type you are after equipped will save you a lot of time.

The weapons you can get from the Safi’Jiiva tree are the same but the element of each weapon differs.

Mhw Rewards Safi

The beauty and the power of the weapons!

Upgrading the weapons:

After obtaining a weapon you wish to use, you will have to unlock its full potential through few steps. Save the Dracolites received from the previous Safi’Jiva hunts and make sure you are saving these for this reason mainly. Head over to the Smithy and upgrade them. With each new level that you upgrade you will have to choose from a variety of awakened abilities, example increased affinity, defense, attack, different bowgun attachments etc.

Dracolite - Safi'Jiva
Weapons Safi

The potential that you reach you can even store it if you wish to reroll the skills for a chance of obtaining even better abilities. Each ability you can obtain comes with different rarities from 1 to 5 that greatly increases your damage. You can even obtain red/orange level of skills.

Another plus to level the weapons is using the actual weapons in even more sieges. The awakened potential of the weapon will be shown after the siege ends. There are many options to choose from and a huge variety of abilities.

Defeating this monstrosity the easiest way possible – tips and tricks!

Things to pay attention to:

Safi’Jiiva has 40.000 health pool making it a very tanky raid boss with a few weaknesses. Best weapons to bring to this fight are dragon, poison or blast damage since she takes increased damage from them.

The basic attacks she uses aren’t as strong as her laser beam energy moves but they can stop you from hitting the key body parts you wish to damage. Luckily there are a few things you can destroy in the environment that can damage her greatly. The south side of the arena there is a trap of vines that will entrap the beast for a few seconds giving you precious time to fully charge up and attack her weak points. Consider setting up the kill with gunners that will help knock it down.

Safi'Jiiva Armor

Environmental help:

The north side of the arena there are two boulders that can be dropped on her for decent damage that will chunk her HP with a few precise slinger shots. Another specific feature that isn’t seen anywhere else in MHW is that a hunter can either deal so much damage to her or fire a flinch shot at its head making the boss focus and agro that specific hunter for a big period of time, it will constantly barrage him with attacks. After some time if you fail to keep the damage or the interest of she will enrage and start doing multiple attacks for more damage than usual. This is a very hard thing to do but if gemmed smart and some experience, you can handle it. Luckily for you, we are here to give you some inside insight on how to make it easier.

Safi weapons

Weapon weaknesses:

  • Head is weak against Hammers and Hunting Horns.
  • Chest has no specifics, any weapon damage and weapon deals more damage.
  • Back easily mountable by using Insect Glaive and Dual blades.
  • Legs are weak to cutting attacks like Greatsword, Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Longsword, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Charge Blade, Insect Glaive, Light and Heavy Bowgun with slicing ammo.
  • Tail is weak towards heavy hitting weapons like Greatsword, Charge Blade, Switch Axe.
  • Wings are weak to ranged piercing attacks like Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun and Bow.
Mhw Bodyparts safi

Tips and tricks:

Once you break enough parts you can make her absorb even more energy and move her to a different area. During the next phase of the fight if she has absorbed energy she will take more damage from your attacks. Keep your distance when she does her slam onwards as this causes a huge blast in front of her. She uses beam attacks from her mouth same as Xeno and the outcome is the same if caught in one. You can dodge these attacks by using rolls towards the site before she shoots similar to Xeno’s.

Safi Guide - Dust

Her lunging attacks are quite strong so if you see a team member being hit by one try helping out by drinking Dust of Life to help out. Remember, each member dying is equal to you dying. In the last zone her attacks deal more damage and have increased range and leaving burnt patches on the ground. Stay focused and do not fail, the fight is the same as the first stage. Destroy and break her weak parts when its safe to do so and remember to hide behind the terrain when she explodes nuking everybody that isn’t behind a cover.

With the help of these tips and tricks, you are surely towards a better path and understanding how to slay the monstrosity. Hopefully with this 2020 updated guide you will manage to get the weapons and gear your heart desires! ❤