Introducing: My Panel

The following applies exclusively to registered users, please use the registration page prior order to get access to the panel. Although most of the functionality and features of the new Customer -> Booster dashboard are self explanatory we decided to make a post and a proper introduction for new customers and people that never used boosting services before.

Prioritized User Experience

The panel section is designed with two goals in mind, ensure private 1 on 1 experience between you as a customer and us as a service provider. And secondly, provide our quality assurance team with progress log and timeframes on completion so we can keep improving our service for future games and updates.

*The panel is functional only when you have order placed, therefore this link will generate blank page if browsing as guest. Alternatively you can check the Demo Page here.

Plethora of Features

Customer – Booster Panel

Private 1 on 1 chat with your personal booster

Daily progress reports

Registered users additional  discount codes

Track list of all your orders

Email allerts & notification

NO Promotional Ads !

user Priorities-min
Be Part of the Process-min

Constant Updates

New features and improvements will be implemented on a weekly basis. Granted this is the first version of the interface, we will continue to improve it and add new features in the coming weeks and months. Next up: Twitch stream panel and customers tools. In addition to screenshots we are looking into implementing the twitch panel very soon. Customers tools on the other hand will enable you to alert your booster when you are online on chat so he can respond quickly unless he is in game or sleeping.

Be Part of the Process

After all, the panel is designed to improve your experience, so if you have any suggestions or think something should be done differently talk to us on chat support and speak up, we’d love to hear your suggestions on this project.

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need a tactical nuke on my ps4 profile and hope its not done by hacking cause I don’t want to get banned

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