Lies of P Bosses Boosting

Lies of P Bosses Boosting

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Lies of P Bosses Boosting for PC, PS & XBOX


Are you struggling to defeat a challenging boss in Lies of P? Select the boss you’re having trouble with, and let us take care of it for you. We’ll ensure a fast and efficient takedown, securing all the rewards you deserve.

We are ready to handle any Boss for you with our Lies of P Bosses boosting services for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series.


  • Piloted/Account Share (Default) – We login on your account and secure the Boss kill for you.
  • Streamed Service (Optional) Watch and learn, from the most talented Gamers in the World!

REQUIREMENTS: You must have reached the boss location.

Lies of P Bosses Details

Our professional teams are masters for single-player bosses, from Elden Ring, Sekiro, Elder Scroll and more, we invite you to put us to the test.
Here are all the known Bosses in Lies of P, and we are ready to cover them all! Order your first Boss and witness our expertise!

Parade Master

Difficulty 3/10
Rewards: Parade Leader’s Ergo, Quartz x1, Parade Master

Mad Donkey

Difficulty 2/10
Rewards: Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel, Mask

Scrapped Watchman

Difficulty 4/10
Rewards: Broken Hero’s Ergo, Scrapped Watchman, , Core, Small Wooden Office Puppet, Overcharged Storage Battery


Difficulty: 2/10
Rewards: Stalker’s Promise, Survivor’s Mask, Survivor’s Hunting Apparel

Puppet of the Future

Difficulty: 2/10
Rewards: Quartz, Radiant Ergo Chunk

King’s Flame, Fuoco

Difficulty: 6/10
Rewards: King’s Flame Ergo, Flame Grindstone, High-powered flame amplifier, King’s Flame

The Atoned

Difficulty: 1/10
Rewards: Cable Railway Key, The Atoned’s Mask

Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Difficulty: 5/10
Rewards: Twisted Angel’s Ergo, Fallen Archbishop

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Difficulty: 8/10
Rewards: Taunt Gesture and Resplendent Ergo chunk, The Delayed Match

The White Lady

Difficulty: 4/10
Rewards: Accessory (The White Lady’s Mask), Collectible (The White Lady’s Locket)

Mad Clown Puppet

Difficulty: 7/10
Reward: Quartz

King of Puppets

Difficulty: 7/10
Rewards: Burnt-White King’s Ergo, Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress, Someone’s Necklace, King of Puppets

Champion Victor

Difficulty: 8/10
Rewards: Champion’s Ergo, The Champion of Evolution

Owl Doctor

Difficulty: 4/10
Rewards: Owl Doctor’s Mask

Green Monster of the Swamp and Puppet-Devouring Green Monster

Difficulty: 9/10
Rewards: Golden Ergo, Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo, Puppet-Devouring Green Monster

Robber Weasel

Difficulty 5/10
Rewards: Robber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel, Robber Weasel’s Mask

Walker of Illusions

Difficulty 6/10
Rewards: Legion Caliber, Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant

Corrupted Parade Master

Difficulty 5/10
Rewards: Quartz x1, Full Moonstone, Corrupted Parade Master

Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Difficulty: 7/10
Rewards: Quartz x1, Revenge of Black

Door Guardian

Difficulty 4/10
Rewards: High-level Alchemist Badge

Black Cat

Difficulty 1/10
Rewards: Black Cat’s Mask

Laxasia, The Complete

Difficulty 7/10
Rewards: Sad Zealot’s Ergo, The Complete One

Red Fox

Difficulty: 3/10
Rewards: Red Fox’s Mask

Simon Manus, Arm of God and Simon Manus, Awakened God

Difficulty: 7/10
Rewards: Arm of God, Fallen One’s Ergo, The Awakened God

The Nameless Puppet

Difficulty 6/10
Rewards: Nameless Puppet’s Ergo, The First Puppet

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How can i trust you with my Account?

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