Lost Ark March Update

The infamous free-to-play action MMORPG by Smilegate has released the new March update. This new free update includes a new story episode, the new Argos Abyss Raid and more (including bug fixes at the end of the page). Let’s see all the new content step by step:


The new episode of the storyline focuses on the discovery of the legendary Kadan, the first Guardian slayer. In order to take part in the new quest, players will need to have completed Feiton, alongside completing the following quests: “Yorn – Let There Be Light”, “Whispering Islet – Start of Our Story”, “Illusion Bamboo Island – End of the Trials” and have an item level equal to or greater than 1100. In addition to this, players will also have to complete the story of this two new islands introduced with the update: Illusion Bamboo and Isteri.


This is the first official event of the western version of Lost Ark. Players will be able to take part in it from the dedicated NPC (“Arkesia Grand Prix Manager”) available in the main cities, with the exception of Prideholme, and the rewards can be obtained once a day. As you can guess from the name, this is a minigame in which the players, transformed and divided into two teams of seven, will have to compete on a path, hindering the enemy team. Progress can be earned by reaching the goal and eating cakes so you will have to prevent the other team from progressing!

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In addition to the PvE content, Smilegate laid the foundations for the firstcompetitive season in PvP. Although Season 1 is not yet active, Amazon advises its users to already move to Tier 1 in order to start the season as soon as possible. For those not in the know, Lost Ark’s PvP is equalized in Battlegrounds. Players will not need special equipment, but will have to choose how to allocate their skill points and points for statistics. On top of that, PvP is vertical only for the twenty tiers available. Upon reaching Tier 1, players will be divided into various categories based on the number of points they possess. These can be acquired by winning in PvP, or can be lost by a defeat.


Finally, there is no lack of further updates. As for the login bonus, this has been changed with rich rewards for players. The cash shop has also been updated with a new skin for each class, the Omen set. This can be purchased for the first month using Royal Crystals, the currency that can be purchased for money. Players can choose from various colors of the particle effects, but they can also put it up for sale
on the Market.


Fixed a Direct X 11 related issue causing the game client to become unresponsive after switching from Windowed Mode to Fullscreen andAlt+tabbing.
Fixed an issue with graphical settings where sometimes the “Restore to Default” button would set the graphical settings to a higher than intended default setting.

Fixed a few issues with Controller Support related messaging for tutorials and other instructions.

Fixed an issue where it was not possible to unequip gems when using a controller.

Fixed an issue in Character Creation/Customization causing the “hello” tattoo to display backwards.

Fixed an issue with Stronghold’s Manor Management UI causing the AZERTY keyboard input was not properly supported.

Fixed an issue where the wrong Guide video for the Abyssal Dungeon was being played.

Fixed issues causing players to sometimes be unable to hear others, speak, or leave while in Raid group chat.

Fixed an issue causing hotkey functionality for global chat to not work properly.

Fixed an issue where the Weekly Battle Item Bundle stated it can be claimed 10 times. Changed it to reflect a purchase limit of once a week. While previously communicated this issue as fixed in our last update, we continued to work on resolving it and apologize for any confusion between the updates.

Fixed an issue in the Training Room causing the tutorial text for the Stand Up movement to disappear too quickly.

Fixed an issue in the “Honest Liar” quest preventing players from using mouse clicks to advance quest interactions and NPC dialogue.

Fixed an issue causing the Notos Orka Ship Skin Selection Chest to be limited to 1 purchase instead of 3.

Fixed an issue causing the Stronghold Lab UI to not display additional research slots when unlocked.

Fixed various other minor and backend issues.

That’s it for this Lost Ark March update, for any help ingame visit our boosting section or contact us on live chat for any additional questions, we cover 24/7 support.

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