Marvel’s Avengers leveling guide – How to level up fast

Marvel's Avengers guide

Introduction to Marvel’s Avengers leveling guide

It’s finally here! Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is within our grasp with the newest, highly anticipated Avengers game. It features the most famous heroes and villains alike, as well as unique gear, skills and abilities. With this Marvel’s Avengers leveling guide, we will teach you the most effective way on how to level up fast.

HARM rooms: The best way to level up

The Holographic Augmented Reality Machine (HARM) represents a virtually simulated room. Players are able to complete challenges by fighting through hordes of enemies. The difficulty of the waves increases as time goes by. Players are able to participate in this challenges as offline with AI allies or online with other players. It’s important to point out that you cannot obtain any gear from HARM rooms, however the experience gained is significantly higher compared to other methods.

How to unlock HARM rooms in Marvel’s Avengers ?


In order to access the HARM missions, you have to complete To Find Olympia quest. With the help of JARVIS, you will be able to enter the HARM room. Select ”The Avengers Initiative” from the main menu so that you start the HARM room challenges. The first HARM mission is called HARM Training: Iron man. Reach the War Room, and then go straight to the lower rooms. You should be able to see a door there, which is located on the lower floor of the hangar.

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In essence, the HARM challenges are 10 waves of enemies that get progressively more difficult. The pivotal importance of these types of challenges is to familiarize the player with different types of mechanics. It’s important to point out that each character has a different set of harm challenges. In this Marvel’s Avengers guide we will cover the 5 HARM room challenges.

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Marvel’s Avengers leveling guide: HARM room survival

Tips and tricks

Challenge 1

In the first challenge, there are 10 waves of enemies, and you are able to have up to 3 companions. With the help of the charged power attack, you can quickly and efficiently dismantle your enemies’ shields. Drones can become a serious inconvenience if you don’t get rid of them. Use your ranged attacks and manage them quickly. During the final wave, an Exo enemy will appear. Make sure that you save your ultimate abilities for the boss. Focus the Exo boss while you clear the incoming adds. By splitting the work between your heroes, the challenge becomes a breeze.

Challenge 2

The most tedious part about this challenge is the Dreadbot. Carefully manage your resources and strike at the right time using your Ultimates. Never waste your heroic ultimate abilities on the trash mobs. This way, you can accumulate more value during the entire fight and increase your chances of success. As in the previous challenge, make sure that you take down the airborne enemies using your ranged attacks. Always prioritize air enemies over their ground counterparts. Be mindful of Health bars scattered throughout the HARM room.

The Synthoids are the other enemies that you must be aware of at all time. They have an ability to daze you as well as slow you for a couple of seconds. The Elite Synthoids can deplete your heroic ultimate bar and strip you from the ability to sprint or dodge. Make quick work of them and approach them in the same way as your aproach the Dreadbot.

Challenge 3

Marvel’s Avengers leveling guide – Helping you is our goal

This guide is work in progress and it will be completed soon. Hopefully the information from this Marvel’s Avengers leveling guide will assist you on your way towards level 50 as soon as possible! If all else fails, we are always here to help.  Simply visit our hero leveling services.


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