Marvel’s Avengers – Power level Guide – How to increase your Power Level

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Introduction to Marvel’s Avengers Power Level system:

In this guide we will show you how Power Level in Marvel’s Avengers works; it works the same way as most other loot games – for reference in other games its called item level or gear score. In this game it being called Power Level is just a way to spice things up! Basically, the average Power Level is based on how strong your gear actually is. For the entire game, you will acquire gear
in order to become stronger.
If you have a few pieces of 140 Power Level and a few pieces of 130 Power Level your average Power Level will be in the range in between those numbers (for example 135).

Avenger's Marvel Power Level Indicator

Why is Power Level important in Marvel’s Avengers?

In Marvel’s Avengers, how good your gear is the key factor in which the game determines which missions you can take on. The Power Level changes your character’s stats greatly
such as how much damage you deal or how much total health you have. Also the game world scales with you, so the higher Power Level you have the better gear you get!

The cap of Power Level right now is 150, which can only be reached by upgrading 130 Power Level items 10 times and upgrading your Major Artifacts.
Which means the strongest of enemies will still drop gear that is 130 Power Level. You can earn these by simply completing challenges: HVT (High Value Targets or clearing Villain sectors. Villain Sectors right now are the best way to farm 130 Power Level items. Although, there are certain missions that do reward high Power Level Gear that shouldn’t be ignored!
The hardest challenge to complete solo is Villain sectors but they are quite soloable if you practice them. There are a few things you should know about grinding them.

Best way to farm up high Marvel’s Avengers Power Level gear:

Things you should pay attention to;

  • Harm Rooms will only earn you XP. They don’t give you gear so ignore them if you don’t need level.
  • No need to level up your AI teammates. They always scale to your Power Level.
  • Villain Sectors give you +5 of your Power Level gear.
  • Once you enter if you get a Projectile Damage Modifier, just quit to reset the Sector and try entering again. By far the hardest modifier and not worth attempting solo.

Basically ignore Harm Rooms if you are not looking for experience points. Focus mainly on Villain Sector clears for fastest Power Leveling up your gear.

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How to get to Villain Sectors and everything about them you should know:

Once your character is Level 30, you are able to start fighting Villain Squads. If you are lacking in Level you can always take a look at our leveling guide and figure out how to do it as fast as possible.
The goal before going for Villain Sectors is to complete an Iconic Mission. Start completing missions from vendors. As long as they grant Power Level you can continue doing side-missions too! Anything that increases your character’s Power Level.
Once an Iconic Mission is complete, you can go straight for Villain Sectors for a speed Power Level boost. Don’t waste time leveling your allies. Leave them at around 20 Power Level. They will pull their own weight even at 130 Power Level.

Villain sectors;

Villain Sectors place you in a fight with a group of villains which are always +5 Power Level above you. So if you are lets say Power Level 40 they will be Power Level 45.
They are very hard to kill, but with enough practice you will almost always get a higher Power Level gear than yours. Try your best to play on Challenger 3 or Challenge 4 or even above, if you manage. Gold Strongboxes can also spawn Challenge Level 4 in vaults.

When should you upgrade your gear?

In Marvel’s Avengers some gear can be upgraded instead of replacing it with a little stronger gear piece as we mentioned above.
Upgrading your gear increases the Power Level of the item which makes your character stronger overall. Upgrading gear is rather expensive and it requires a resource you’ll need in the late game.

Save your resources!

The only case where this is ignored is if the gear you want to upgrade has a locked perk such as abilities that increase combat stats or defensive.
Legendary and Epic pieces of loot have two locked perks. To unlock the locker perks simply level the gear piece twice. Leveling up a piece twice is rather cheap and perks will help your character’s strength immensely which means you will in fact get more gear faster. Unlocking these perks is the only good reason to upgrade gear pre 130 Power Level gear.
Best thing to do is save up all resources and not go wild on +10 upgrades on lower level pieces and wait for 130 Power Level pieces. Then simply spam upgrade them all to get to the hard cap of 150 Power Level.

Avenger's Marvel Power Level Tony Flying
Avenger's Marvel Power Level Guide Fight

Hopefully the information from this Marvel’s Avengers Power level Guide will assist you on your way towards hard capping your Power Level! If all else fails, we are always here to help. Simply visit some of our Power Leveling services and get the heads up you desire!