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Use the progress bar to set up your starting and desired level

Welcome to the NBA2K22 Seasonal Leveling Boost services

Hire a professional booster to help you obtain the desired NBA2K22 Seasonal Level on your account. Current & Next Gen supported!

Seasonal Level Boost Options:
  • Account share (Default) – Our boosters login on your account and deliver the requested amount of points.
  • Carry (Optional) – Our booster runs with you in a team and helps you obtain the desired seasonal level.
  • Streaming (Optional) – For those who would like to see how its done and learn few tips & tricks.
Rewards - What you Get:

This is hard grind kind of order, along the seasonal level boost you will acquire a lot of badges leveled up as well as overall levels for your account!


The NBA2K22 Season 8 “COUNTDOWN” exclusive progression rewards for each level:

NBA2k22 MyTEAM Rewards
  • Level 1: Dark Matter Isiah Thomas (0 XP)
  • Level 2: Gold Shoe Boost Award Pack (350 XP)
  • Level 3: 1 Token (430 XP)
  • Level 4: Post Scorer Badge Pack (520 XP)
  • Level 5: Ascension! (620 XP)
  • Level 6: Deluxe Dynamic Ratings League Award Pack (740 XP)
  • Level 7: Amethyst Luc Longley (890 XP)
  • Level 8: 3 Tokens (1,075 XP)
  • Level 9: Slasher Badge Pack (1,300 XP)
  • Level 10: Season 8 Ball (1,550 XP)
  • Level 11: Ascension! (1,850 XP)
  • Level 12: Sharpshooter Badge Pack (2,230 XP)
  • Level 13: Diamond Nah’Shon Hyland (2,680 XP)
  • Level 14: Deluxe Dynamic Ratings League Award Pack (3,200 XP)
  • Level 15: Shot Creator Badge Pack (3,850 XP)
  • Level 16: 5 Tokens (4,620 XP)
  • Level 17: Deluxe Dynamic Ratings League Award Pack (5,540 XP)
  • Level 18: Lockdown Defender Badge Pack (6,500 XP)
  • Level 19: Ascension! (7,860 XP)
  • Level 20: Pink Diamond Steven Adams (9,190 XP)
  • Level 21: Glass Cleaner Award Pack (10,560 XP)
  • Level 22: Ascension! (12,150 XP)
  • Level 23: Fan Favorites Award Pack (13,970 XP)
  • Level 24: Pink Diamond Jae Crowder (16,060 XP)
  • Level 25: 10 Tokens (18,470 XP)
  • Level 26: Ascension! (21,250 XP)
  • Level 27: Season 8 Diamond Shoe Pack (24,430 XP)
  • Level 28: Galaxy Opal Fat Lever (28,100 XP)
  • Level 29: Season 8 Diamond Shoe Boosts Pack (32,300 XP)
  • Level 30: Ascension! (36,740 XP)
  • Level 31: 30 Tokens (41,600 XP)
  • Level 32: Diamond Contract Pack (47,140 XP)
  • Level 33: Dark Matter Tom Chambers (55,640 XP)
  • Level 34: Season 8 Diamond Consumables Pack (65,000 XP)
  • Level 35: Ascension! (75,000 XP)
  • Level 36: 50 Tokens (86,000 XP)
  • Level 37: Season 8 HOF Badge Option Pack (99,000 XP)
  • Level 38: Swish Deluxe Pack (114,000 XP)
  • Level 39: 100 Tokens (131,000 XP)
  • Level 40: Dark Matter Nikola Jokic (150,000 XP)
NBA2k22 MyCAREER Rewards
  • Level 1: Season 8 Tee
  • Level 2: Season 8 Ball
  • Level 3: New Player Indicator
  • Level 4: New Player Banners
  • Level 5: New Breakthrough Gear (+1 Post Control)
  • Level 6: New Jumpshot Release Animation
  • Level 7: New Season Emotes
  • Level 8: MyTEAM: 5 Tokens
  • Level 9: 2XP Coin (30 min)
  • Level 10: New Player Indicator
  • Level 11: Gatorade Boosts (5 games)
  • Level 12: New Season Emotes
  • Level 13: New Player Banners
  • Level 14: WNBA Hoodie
  • Level 15: New Breakthrough Gear (+1 Perimeter Defense)
  • Level 16: New Season Emotes
  • Level 17: Season 8 Hat and Sleeves
  • Level 18: MyTEAM Draft Ticket
  • Level 19: New Player Banners
  • Level 20: Gatorade Boosts (10 games)
  • Level 21: New Season Emotes
  • Level 22: Skill Boosts (10 games)
  • Level 23: Season 8 Goggles
  • Level 24: New Player Banners
  • Level 25: New Season Emotes
  • Level 26: Extra Daily Rewards
  • Level 27: MyTEAM: Glitched Pack
  • Level 28: 2XP Coin (60 min)
  • Level 29: Season 8 Shorts
  • Level 30: Free Go Kart
  • Level 31: New Breakthrough Gear (+1 Steal)
  • Level 32: 2XP Coin (120 min)
  • Level 33: Gatorade Boosts (10 games)
  • Level 34: New Player Banners
  • Level 35: Season 8 Jersey
  • Level 36: MyTEAM: Jordan Poole Dark Matter
  • Level 37: Season 8 Suit
  • Level 38: 2XP Coin (120 min)
  • Level 39: Extra Badge Point
  • Level 40: Dash2K Shoes

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does the NBA 2K22 Seasonal Leveling Boost works?

Professional booster is assigned on your order and help you obtain the content of the order. This can be done as account share – where do the work on your account, or as carry (optional) – where we run and you follow. Either way we always deliver!

How can i trust you with my account?

At Captain-Carry everything is under protection. Each account is threated equally with number of measures to assure privacy and account safety. VPN services on request, offline mode, no third party plugins, everything is done by a professional booster who is verified by us. business.

Can i play with a booster?

Yes you can! As many games allow to team up and play the content with a friend, we’ve added option on almost all our offers as *Self-play (carry) where you run with us till the order is fully delivered.

How fast can you start from placing the order?

As we work 24/7 worldwide, most orders are started within 15-30 minutes, although in rare occasions it can be several hours if our teams are with ongoing orders. Talk to us prior order for more details on availability.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Multiple payment processors are available on checkout including Apple Pay, G-Pay, Stripe, all of which support direct credit card payments.

Comments (11)

Gor my boost done just ahead of season completion. Very satisfied with the work, will use again for sure 1

Thx for the service cap, will use again next season. Support was spot on from day one answered all my questions DO give these guys a try.

GG ! got a test order for 28-30 was done in about day from placing my order, just hit em up with another one to 40 for this season will update on how it goes, really awesome service so far.

Was sceptical at first, but after having a few back and forth communicate with chat support i was rest assured all is legit. Needless to say booster overperformed beyond my expectations & got the job done on the 4th day of my order. Will use again

Thx a lot Captain, boost was done in about a week of placing my order. Booster only took one day off during whole ordeal.

They worked lighting fast, my booster worked for 3 days 12+h every day and streamed on request, very well done ‘cap.

Thx for the quick bump to 40, order took about 6h to start but after that booster worked every day till he got it done.

Thx captaincarry, my booster got the job quick and professionally, all in all happy with the timeframe.

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