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Welcome to our New World Leveling Guide!

New world is Amazon’s brand new MMO which takes place in Aeternum, an island filled with supernatural dark powers. The game is an Open World MMO and similar to other exemplary MMOs the world is vast and completely within the player’s reach.

Adventurers and explorers’ encounters on the islands include skilled adversaries such as corrupted and dangerous wildlife and the corrupted remains of previous adventurers. The sole reason why the players and others are visiting Aeternum is the same substance that corrupted all previous beings that got in contact with it – the rare and powerful material which is quite valuable to players.

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Style of Gameplay

The game is focused mainly on the same aspects of all other MMOs and with the help of our New World Leveling Guide you will comprehend it easily. players explore the map fighting creatures of every kind, may they be supernatural elementals or the undead or perhaps wildlife. The Corrupted is the main antagonist faction. A cult of cultists empowered by the corruption ravaging those lands, seeking to corrupt or enslave all life on the island.

The combat system of the game is free cast meaning you wont be able to select monsters. You can cast your spells and attacks freely and engage with enemies with aiming. This makes the game quite requiring of skill to pursue PvP ranking or perhaps being a PvE hero.

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Leveling and Attributes

In order to level up you need to kill monsters and complete quests. Gathering and crafting equipments and consumables also grants experience.To check what level and experience progress you are at, simply look at the bottom of your screen or press “K”.You can see the numbers of how much proress you have by hovering the bar on the bottom.On each level up, you gain an attribute point that you can spend on any of the attributes given:

  • Dexterity: Increased weapon damage with ranged weapons
  • Strength: Increased melee weapon damage.
  • Intelligence: Your magic attack’s damage is increased.
  • Focus: Abilities’ cooldown is reduced and increases your mana.
  • Constitution: Grants you bonus health.
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When you start playing your character, level 1 grants you 5 points in each of the attributes. Every next level you will gain +1 attribute point. Taking this into consideration there are 71 total points to spend from leveling up. There are other ways to gain more attribute points such as items and gems. Some items have sockets and you can use jewelry to increase your attributes on them. Each attribute has a soft cap when 60 points are reached, so its pointless to go above that.

There are also a bunch of character level milestones such as other MMOs. If you press “K” > “View Milestones” you can read what they are exactly.
To make things easier, we have the exact level needed for each perk:

  • At level 5: Second Weapon Slot
  • 10: Ring Slot
  • 15: Camping Tier 2 and Third Quick Slot
  • 20: Camping Tier 3 and Earring Slot
  • 30: Third Weapons Slot and Second Bag Slot
  • 35: Camping Tier 4
  • 45: Fourth Quick Slot and Third Bag Slot
  • 50: Camping Tier 5
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Tips and Tricks:

If you hit a mob at least once or engage in combat with him in any way you will get exp. In the game there is no tagging method like in other MMOs,so if you enter combat with a mob another player is fighting you gain full experience. The best thing to do while leveling is invest in your main stat attribute according to what kind of weapons you are using. If you are using melee weapons go for Strength or Dexterity for ranged etc. Only invest in Constitution if you are lacking health.

The secondary form of progression is the Standings system. The system works similar to reputations in other MMOs, the more things you do in a zone the more standing points you get. Once you have enough of them to level up your standing, you can use them to unlock special bonuses that apply in that specific zone.

New World beta is out July 20th, this guide will be updated as more info becomes readily available. In meantime visit out Boosting Section in case you need help with leveling, carry or boosting services !

Weapons New World

Weapon System

You can carry total of 3 weapons. On level 1 you start with 1 weapon and eventually unlock them on level 5 and level 30. These slots are valuable because you can use different weapons in different situations. You can switch the weapons by simply pressing the keybinds 1,2 or 3. You can carry any weapons you desire, may they be melee/ranged or even magic staff at the same time.

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Item System

Understanding bag slots and item slots:

The more items you have in your bags the slower you move because items have their own respective weight.
Your character has a weight limit that you can see on top of your inventory. If you have more weight than the limit you won’t be able to run at all nor dodge any attacks. Considering the combat system is based on dodging and running around the weight limit can kill you off simply by being there.

Your items can break and you can repair them. To repair an item you need to have certain repair parts, right click the item and select repair. You can check how much repair parts you have at the bottom of your inventory.
You can get repair kits by salvaging gear. Additional bag slots open up after level 30 and level 45.

Trade Skills:

You can build your character on heavy armor with a shield and sword to be a simply put – tank. Or you can choose to be a bow and leather user to keep your enemies at bay with your range. Fear not, you can be a support player if that’s your forte. Simply invest in magical healing gear that will increase your healing spells. And of course if you feel like you want to try something else, you can simply respec your build.

This New World Leveling Guide is Work in Progress which will be updated as soon as more info is available.