Order Flow Explained

The entire process from placing your order, registration & completing purchase takes no more than 2 minutes. After order is placed it gets queued on our order dashboard pending booster assignment. This process is fully automated in order to avoid any bias from our staff towards the boosting teams, as long as a player is qualified to finish the order, he can pick it up.

FLOW Step 1 - Check Out & Details 3-min

Two Steps Checkout

Once you select your product use the right hand side popup panel to select your region & provide us with any additional info we might need regarding the service (your playing hours, some specific build you are after and so on). After order is placed in basket proceed to checkout – you will have to register if you never used our services before (the checkout flow will automatically redirect you to registration page).

Finalize Payment

Stripe is our default checkout solution, which supports all major credit card payments with G-Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard and many other local cards supported. In case you have issue with your card payment this is usually triggered on your Bank end, simply give them a call – they need to make sure it is the actual owner making the purchase.

FLOW Step 2 - CHeckout & Payout 2-min

Panel Section

After order is successfully placed you will be redirected to the Panel Section pending booster assignment. The searching for booster process is fully automated and takes usually between 15-60 minutes, up to 24h in extremely rare cases. If your order is time sensitive (has to be started immediately or finished within some pre-determined timeframe such as timed events or limited drop boost during which you decided to order) contact us on live chat so you can get exact details on when order can be started.