Pyromancer Insane Speedrun Build Farm

This Pyromancer Insane Speedrun Build is focused on great AoE and single target damage via skills and mods, by utilizing debuffs such as Ashen which is the bread and butter of this build. Using 3 pieces of Acari set, this build forces you to play fast and smart due to the fact you will be very squishy.

Patch 1.07: This build has been updated and improved for the latest patch of Outriders! Order now!


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Outriders Boosting - Pyromancer Full Build Farm Insane Speedrun Build-min

Guaranteed Stats:

150k+ Firepower

40k+ Anomaly Power

WT/CT15 Solo Gold Capable (screenshot & proof provided)

*Difference between Budged CT15 and Full Build CT15 is that you get the build & stats guaranteed above and on this video when ordering Full Build. Budged option is just a CT15 capability, and may or may not have all the stats compared to the Full build.

Product Details: Skill Tree

We have to admit the Skill Tree does look quite weird at first glance but bare with us here as we go a bit in depth of why that is. The main focus is the nodes Trial of the Ashes x2 that cause you to do 15% damage against Ashed enemies. Other nodes such as Hot Situation that increases our Anomaly power helps out and going briefly in Fire Storm Skill tree to get Wildfire is key to this build. You might noticed we are not getting Burning Situation as the last talent and that is in purpose – Weapon damage wont heavily impact this build.

Outriders Gear & Mods - Piromancer-min

Gear & Mods

The 3 skills we are going to be using are Heatwave, Ash Blast, Overheat.

Heatwave (Summon a fiery wave that deals damage and inflicts Burn to all enemies in its path.) is a mandatory skill which will do heavy damage and inflict Burn to our enemies which will only compliment our damage due to mods.

Ash Blast (Create an Anomaly blast to inflict Ash onto all enemies within a large radius around you.) is the reason why we are picking up 2x Trial of the Ashes and Hot Situation skill talents, it will enable us to debuff the enemies with Ashed and greatly increase our damage.

Overheat (Deal damage to all enemies within a large radius and Interrupt their skills.) This is a staple Pyromancer skill, can be used both offensively and defensively to interrupt enemy skills or just cause damage.

Main weapon is mandatory to be Funeral Pyre modded with Fortress and Shadow Comet – Reasoning behind this is simply because the mag is very large and Shadow Comet is simply put big damage. Second weapon is Deathshield with a staple Fortress mod on both weapons and Moaning Winds for strong single target damage once you swap to it which is mandatory for the speed of the run.

3x pieces of Acari because of the staple mods on the set pieces that are focused on dishing out damage such as Fire Tsunami on 2 pieces to spread Burn and Death Sentence which is the best mod for this build in order to spread that Ashen debuff. Burn-Out on the pants is also mandatory, flat out 25% damage for 8 seconds is insane for the fast runs.

Your purple items should be – Anomaly Power, Cooldown Reduction, Status power – Modded with mandatory Captain Hunter to burst down those single target Elites.

Disclaimer: This build is featured on NickTew youtube channel. Full credit goes to the original creator, make sure to drop him a like & subscribe and support his stream. Our goal is to make the build easily available to players that don’t have the time & effort to grind every piece of gear on their own. We are in no way directly or indirectly associated or endorsed by NickTew.

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