Technomancer 200k Firepower Build

The Technomancer 200k Firepower Build revolves around bonuses to flat, percentage AR Weapon Damage. Tailored around the Pestilence skill, tree considering it has the highest percentage Weapon Damage traits like Cannonade explains why we are using Scrapnel over Cold Snap to maximize dps outout. Utilizing the trait Assault Master is key considering we are going to use AR weapon class. Ultimately, this is a glasscannon build optimized for burst damage in the shortest amount of time possible.
Patch 1.07: This build has been updated and improved for the latest patch of Outriders!


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technomancer 200k cookie cut build

Guaranteed Stats:

200k+ Firepower

40k+ Anomaly Power

WT/CT15 Solo Gold Capable (screenshot & proof provided)

*Difference between Budged CT15 and Full Build CT15 is that you get the build & stats guaranteed above and on this video when ordering Full Build. Budged option is just a CT15 capability, and may or may not have all the stats compared to the Full build.

Product Details: Skill Tree

As previously mentioned your damage will mostly come from using Assault Rifles and flat Weapon Damage traits. Exposing Toxin (Vulnerable is also afflicted to enemies afflicted by Toxin) is our first core trait and it will be one of the most important sources of damage output. Second big trait is Cannonade which as previously mentioned we will be using Scrapnel for more Weapon Damage. Third big trait is Assault Master, mandatory since we will be using Assault Rifles. Two Sides of the Power is next, glass cannon talent for damage output.

order details
Outriders Gear & Mods - TECHNOMANCER-min

Gear & Mods

The first skill we are going to use is Scrapnel (Throw a proximity mine). The explosion deals damage in an area and Interrupts the skills of enemies caught within the blast radius), unlike the usual builds where they use Cold Snap. Scrapnel is completely focused on damage and is the trigger for our skill tree’s Cannonade. Second skill is Blighted Turret (Place an automated turret that deals damage and inflicts Toxic onto enemies) that will also a Decay trigger for our skill tree’s traits. And of course Blighted Rounds (Inflict Toxic status on enemies damaged by your gun & deal 50% splash damage in small area around your main target – lasts till reload or weapon switch). Not only you will afflict enemies with the bonus Toxic & splash damage, but you will also apply Vulnerable and ignore enemy armor by applying anomaly damage type, instead of physical.

The main recommended mod of course is Trick Up The Sleeve (Blighted Rounds: While the skill is active takedown shots grant 30% ammo to your mag), which allows for permanent uptime on your Blighted Rounds as long as you kill enemies. Spare Mag (Blighted Rounds is effective for 1 extra reload) is an option if you have mag issues but we don’t recommend going for that because its a rare situation for it to be used. Critical Analysis is also a good option if you are good at head shots and it will increase your damage tremendously.

In tier 2 we recommend using Toxic Lead (taking down enemies afflicted with Toxic reloads 40% of your magazine) and is better than the tier 1 if you have it..

Another amazing tier 2 mod is Dum-Dum Bullets (Increases Assault Weapon Damage by 10%) that outperforms the tier 3 mod Kingslayer for even more Assault Weapon Damage.

Radical Therapy (Deal 15% more damage against enemies afflicted by Toxic) is also a really good one and highly recommended to be used flat out damage.

And of course Captain Hunter (Increases your damage against Elites by 25) for flat out damage to Elites.

Disclaimer: This build is featured on widdz youtube channel. Full credit goes to the original creator, make sure to drop him a like & subscribe and support his stream. Our goal is to make the build easily available to players that don’t have the time & effort to grind every piece of gear on their own. We are in no way directly or indirectly associated or endorsed by widdz.

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F.A.Q. about the service

This is a Tier 15 Expeditions capable Technomancer 200k Firepower build. Full builds are available for purchase, we will grind until we get CT15 ready character same, or very similar to the builds described. After product is placed to basket you will be redirected to checkout page and finalize the payment, we will start searching for booster and once one is assigned your Panel Section will update with chat & progress bar and boosting can start.

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