Outriders Trickster Guide – Best Guns, Weapons & Builds


Outriders is the newest cooperative role-playing third-person video game set to be released on April the 1st, 2021 on PC, Playstation 4/5, Xbox and Stadia.

The game has four playable classes: Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer and Trickster. Each class has eight skills in total (for the time being in the DEMO we are allowed to test out four.) Only three skills can be equipped at a time. Each class has three sub-classes talent trees you can spec out and can be changed at any time.
In this guide we will be focusing mainly on the Trickster class.

Trickster - Outriders

Skills and Abilities:

The Trickster has the power of magic and time on his side which he can manipulate to his advantage. Very assassin type close range class and his main theme is regenerate shield and health by killing enemies both at the same time. Most of his abilities are very short cooldown and the Trickster can use them very frequently making you a very mobile class on the battlefield.

Healing Mechanic: Each enemy killed in close range heals you and grants a portion of Shield.

The first skill you unlock is Temporal Blade.

“Paralyze and slice enemies in front of you, dealing damage and inflicting Slow and Interrupt to all targets. Instant.”


Temportal Blade’s cooldown is 16 seconds.

Its a simple ability, slice enemies in front of you that Slows your enemies and deals damage to them over time.

The second skill you unlock is Slow Trap.

“Create a spacetime Anomaly that inflicts SLow onto enemies and projectiles for 10 seconds. Instant.”


Slow Trap’s cooldown is 31 seconds.

This is a disruptor spell that inflicts slow on enemies and projectiles move slower in it as well. This ability lasts for 20 seconds meaning you can use it with 100% uptime for both offensive and defensive gameplay.

The third skill you unlock is Hunt the Prey.

“Select an enemy and teleport behind them and receive a shield bonus. Instant.”


Hunt the Prey’s cooldown is 11 seconds.

This ability allows you to select an individual enemy and you can teleport behind him. Its amazing for long range gapclosing and killing single enemies that are hard to get to such as snipers.

The fourth skill you unlock is Twisted Rounds.

“Fill your weapon’s magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets that deal significantly more damage to enemies. The skill lassts until you reload or switch weapons. Instant.”


Twisted Rounds’ cooldown is 20 seconds.

There are certain builds that work around this spell that make it very powerful with some specific mods that allow you to have 2x mags which you can theoretically cycle Twisted Rounds forever.

There are also 4 other skills that are not out on the Demo yet and have yet to be tested.


Level 9: Cyclone Slice – Type: DAMAGE, INTERRUPT. Create a whirlwind of Anomaly blades that deal damage and Interrupt onto enemies within a small radius of you with every hit. The skill lasts for 5 seconds.
Level 13: Borrowed Time – Type: MOVEMENT. Receive a shield and mark your location for 28 seconds. Triggering the skill again will bend spacetime and teleport you back to the marked spot. Instant. 13s CD.
Level 17: Venator’s Knife – Type: DECEPTION. Throw a temporal knife at an enemy. The blade will ricochet between a maximum of 5 enemies within a small radius, dealing damage and marking them. All marked targets will be inflicted with Slow and for 10 seconds the first damage dealt by you will be doubled. Instant. 10s CD.
Level 22: Time Rift – Type: DECEPTION, INTERRUPT. Create a shockwave that suspends enemies in the air leaving them unable to fight for 3.5 seconds and inflicts Weakness. Instant. 10s CD.

Class Points and Talent Tree:

The Trickster has 3 talent trees that you can use your Class points in: Assassin, Harbinger, Reaver.
Assassin focuses on disruption, mostly lowering the cooldown and increasing the effects and damage of your abilities.
Harbinger is the damage spec which allows you to become very tanky as well for that close combat and we suggest dedicating into it fully when able.
Reaver focuses on movement, this is the mobility spec of the class and is meant to be played if you enjoy that playstyle.

Outsiders Trickster - Talent Tree

Best Trickster build and recommended mods:

Best Trickster build and recommended mods.
There are a few trickster mods that you might want to look into:
Shield Maiden – “Shots Generate Shield.”
Works great with your close combat type of gameplay making you even tankier combined with the Harbinger talent tree, which will simply allow you to stay in combat and in their face as if you were a Devastator.
Thunder Dome – “Slow Trap: Receive 100% shield when the skill ends.”
Defensive ability as stated above, you literally do not even have to duck for cover when you combine Harbinger/Shield Maiden/Thunder Dome.

You can use other general mods as you get them but these 2 are the ones you need to focus on acquiring.

Hope you enjoyed our Trickster skills, best build and recommended mods guide! Of course if you need any kind of help you can simply visit our Outriders Boosting Section where we offer all kinds of requests about Outriders!

This guide is a Work in Progress, it will be updated with the release of the game and the familiarity with the builds.

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