Pro Streamers Program

d3hell and twitch streamers partnership

This is the Pro Streamers Program – invite only contracts for streamers, gamers & content creators. Look, we at don’t wanna waste anyone’s time, so we will get straight to the point. Our goal is to connect gamers, there are those that can afford no more than 2-3h per day for gaming, and then there are us, the hardcore gamers that are ready to devote 10+ hours a day – every day, playing the games we love. Our goal is simple, connect the casual and the hardcore gamer. Our services include creating guides, coaching new players, offer boosting & power leveling – so take your pick. If you are looking to earn while playing your favorite games, dig in !


How will this benefit you as a Streamer ?

This is not just about earning while playing video games, we will get to that part later. Every day there are new players entering the gaming world and are in desperate need of a coach and someone to hold their hand. Why not be that guy ? If you already put the time playing the game, might as well get paid doing it. We plan to introduce featured streamers section in early 2021 and will represent some of our best players on a section where people using our services in over 50 games the past 7 years will get to discover you and others like you.

Ok, what am I supposed to do, what’s the cut ? is not just about boosting, if you don’t like grinding on other people’s accounts and instead enjoy doing guides and coaching we can focus on that more. Our service can be tailored towards your talents, although the standard payout for boosting is 50 to 55% depending on order value, streamers enrolled in this program will get to keep 75% of the order value, for life. Additional monthly salaries, paid guides and any other content you create will be additionally compensated for. Our job is to service new gamers on one hand, and make sure the service providers get to keep doing what they love, and get paid for it.

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But… but my parents don’t think this is a real job ?

It is not ! A job is something you do in a 9 to 5 routine, while wondering what went wrong along the way. We are gamers and we enjoy what we are doing ! Drop us a mail in the form below and get on board in our discord groups, we got over 200+ dedicated boosters in over 50 games working here on

Get you on board !

Fill up the contact form below, make sure to include your discord id, email for contact and stream link. After reviewing your application we will get back to you with an offer. Also make sure to contact us on live chat and notify us of your decision, leave any contact details so we can reach back !