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Welcome to our Realm Royale boosting & rank increase section. Use the calculator to increase your rating. Warrior, Mage, Hunter, we can play any class ! Working for over 4 years and counting, we are here to offer you our knowledge and experience ingame, introduce coaching to new players, or help you setup custom orders. Use the slider to order your rank boost, or visit the My Panel section to learn more about our new Customer>Booster dashboard.

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Realm Royale Rank Boost

Order your Realm Royale rank boost and learn from top leaderboard players that average more than 50% winrate. Get the best out of your order and learn all that you can from your booster, get in touch on the customer’s dashboard and ask for tips and guides on how to improve your rating. All services provided can be streamed on twitch, talk to us prior order for details.

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Very simple, select mode (solo, duo or squad) and use the slider to adjust your current (starting rating) and the rank you want us to deliver. After pressing add to cart button you will be prompted to pick class and enter game login info. If still have any questions just use the live chat on bottom right of the screen.


5 € 

Wins Boost

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Realm Royale Victory


Pay per win and watch how top Master & Grandmaster players get things done 😀 See how top leaderboard teams play live on twitch and learn during the process. We average 50% or higher winrate across all classes.


Order Coaching Service

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Hours of Coaching

In addition to boosting we are also offering private 1 on 1 coaching lessons. Analyze your games and get top leaderboard teams to advise you on improving your gameplay. Join us live on twitch, watch gameplay analysis and get in-depth insights on how professional players think and handle in different situations. Only top leaderboard players offer these services, you can check their accounts on stream prior starting the coaching session.

What is Realm Royale ?

Formerly known as Paladins: Battlegrounds, Realm Royale is a free-to-play battle royale third-person shooter game developed by Hi-Rez Studios. Described as a spin off from the standard battle royale games, placed in a medieval/fantasy world. Although the basic mechanics are similar to the previous installments the game world is entirely fictional and different. As of this writing ( June 28th) there are five playable classes, Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Engineer, and Assassin. Collect what equipment you can, and salvage the rest from defeated opponents. Winning is everything in this game so be the last man standing and increase your rank and rating !

Why Us



All orders are done with maximum discretion. With every order customers can specify playing hours in the order notes, in addition to a hero pool that we should stick to. We don’t respond to friends unless instructed otherwise.

ssl secured website

SSL Secured Website

Website is regularly scanned for any ssl security vulnerabilities and is kept to date with latest protection protocols. We do everything we can in order to ensure safe trading environment. All info provided about your account is as safe as it can be. For any questions or additional info use the contact/support page or talk to us via live chat.

top fortnite boosting team

Top Boosting Teams

We’ve been offering gaming services for the past 5 years and counting. MMO, Moba, FPS games, name it we did it. When ordering at D3Hell you are dealing with people that know what they are doing. In Addition, every order is handled by experience group of people !

Short F.A.Q.

Simple, we just login and win games for you! Specify playing hours, and tell us what we should focus on during custom orders. Name it we do it !

Good questions ! First of all, you can change the login info prior ordering and put your account on some dummy email that you don’t use for anything else. In addition, check the comment section below and see what others have to say about our service. Boosting in 10 other games, we didn’t made it this far by failing to deliver on what was promised. Google D3Hell and check our reputation on other forums, we are doing this for a while 😀

We work with people worldwide, most of us are Europeans, but we also work with players from Americas, Australia, Asia and so on.

As we work 24/7 worldwide, most orders are started within 15 minutes, although in rare occasions it can be several hours if every team is asleep or busy. Talk to us prior order for details on availability.

As with all other games, Realm Royale boosting orders are refundable if service was not placed in queue or  started at all. Although small delays of a few hours up to 24 shouldn’t be reason for concern we might decide to offer extra service in the end as compensation.

As with all games, PayPal is our standard payment gateway. For bigger orders we offer alternative payments such as Western Union and Bitcoins. Talk to us on live chat if that is the case !

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made test order 2 days ago, it was finished today. booster kept me updated throughout the process and i was aware of his schedule/playing hours so i could hop in between sessions. A+ service, gotta try this 😀

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