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Welcome to Sea of Thieves pirate legend account shop. Show off those Purple and Gold colors while you sail the seas, and make all other pirates run once they see you Pirate Legend ship. All accounts can be played on both PC & Xbox, and in addition they come with lifetime warranty. After purchase make sure to change your login info (highly recommended)  and game tag (optional). If you have any additional questions about the accounts scroll below and check for details on each, or talk to us on live chat.

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Pirate Legend Acc

Gold: 230.000

Reputation levels:




Buy account

3million Gold

5000 Dubloons

Full access E-Mail address (only for this account)

Twitch account for the Twtich drops – bound to E-Mail

Name change (still the first time which is free)

Enough Ancient Coins to change InGame character look

SoT SOLD Accounts

Gold 400 000
Athena Level: 6.5
Doubloons: 00
Reputation levels:
Sea Dog-5

*Gold 900 000+
*Athena lvl 2
*Doubloons 1300

  • Gold: 1843.000.00
  • Athena Level: 1
  • Doubloons: 195
  • Reputation levels: GH-50 OOS-50
  • Merchant-50
  • This is fresh account for you. You can do with it what u want. 3x reputation open for you pirate legend and unlock secret reputation is Athena.


Athena Level: 7

Doubloons: 380

Reputation levels:




Reaper Bones – 20

Emissary Value:

GH- 1.000.000

OOS- 1.500.000

Merchant- 1.300.000

Sold For

Gold: 3 700 000
Athena Level: 8
Doubloons: 1000
Ancient Coins: 580
Reputation levels:
GH – 69
OOS – 68
Merchant – 67
Reapers Bones – 56
Hunters Call – 22
Curses unlocked:

Tall Tale:

All story Tall Tales from 1 to 9 are fully completed and all commendations are
unlocked (all journals as well) including the big prize GOLDEN CURSE!!!
Heart Of Fire ——— Fully Completed (Ashen curse obtained)
Maiden Voyage ——— Fully Completed
A Pirate Life ——— Fully Completed
The Sunken Pearl——- Fully Completed
Captains Of The Damned- Fully Completed
Dark Brethren ——— Fully Completed
Lords of the Sea —— Fully Completed
Bilg Rats

Ashen Treasure:

Tome of Resurrection 5/5 Books Unlocked
Tome of Fire 5/5 Books Unlocked
Tome of Curses 5/5 Books Unlocked
Tome of Power 5/5 Books Unlocked
All items and weapons from the books are bought as well and can be equiped

Festival of the Damned – Fully Completed

Feel free to ask for any additional question considering this account


Gold: 1.705.000.00

Athena Level: 1

Doubloons: 560

Reputation levels:




Reaper Bones – 11

Emissary Value:

GH- 1.500.000

OOS- 1.500.000

Merchant- 1.500.000

Sold For

Gold: 2.300.000.00

Athena Level: 1

Doubloons: 645

Ancient Coins: 433

Reputation levels:




Reapers Bones-13

Tall Tale Heart Of Fire Completed


Gold: 5,699,316.00
Athena: 17
Doubloons: 4,857
Reputation Levels:
GH- 75 OOS- 75
Merchant- 75
Hunter’s call- 44
Sea dogs- 46
Emissary value:
GH- 21858243
OOS- 13410780
MERCHANT- 7505550
Reapers Bone- 13410780

Sold For

Lifetime Warranty

Never buy accounts from random people that simply decided to sell their account. There is always risk of the original owner reclaiming the account back if  they open ticket with support. Our accounts however are made with intention to be sold, they do not have previous owners and come with lifetime warranty.

Sea of Thieves accounts for sale

Get your Account in 3 easy steps

buy account add to cart

Add product to cart

Buy the account by adding to cart and using the secure checkout page. Our default payment method is paypal, although we accept alternative payments such as Western Union and btc so make sure to contact us if that is the case.

Talk to us using website live chat

Contact us for any help

Although accounts are delivered within minutes and email access is included if need any help we are here. Talk to us  after purchase using the website live chat on bottom right. Accounts come with lifetime warranty, contact us for any help needed !

Change account info to your own

Change account info

Final step is changing all info. First time account buyers talk to us on live chat for help! We will guide you through each step of the way. It is important to secure accounts after purchase and change all info.

Short F.A.Q.

The Pirate Legend SoT accounts are made by our teams that we work with for over 4 years. 100% hand done and no cheats or any third party programs used. No previous owners, we are the only and original creators of these accounts – we do not resell from random people.

Yes, that is the real question. Simple answer – we just won’t. We didn’t made it this far by scamming and doing wrong to the people we work with. We sold over 5000 accounts and counting. CSGO, LoL, Diablo 3, PUBG and now Sea of Thieves are  some of the main games we worked with. If we took such actions our paypal will get closed due to the massive chargeback cases alone.

Yes, all the accounts come with complete list of details on levels, gold and other valuable ingame assets.

Yes, you will get full login info.
Upon purchase you also get email access along with the game login. Talk to us on live chat if you need any help regarding changing login info.

No! We do not buy accounts from random people. We can provide lifetime warranty only if we buy from people we know and trust… No offense, but if we were buying accounts from anyone that comes on chat we could never issue lifetime warranty with every purchase.

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hi, i have a char with all 75, sea dog triumphant 50, 500+ wins
14mil gold 12k+ doubloons
Tall tales till 6.
and a bunch of limited cosmetics

any offer? im thinking of selling it.

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