Sea of Thieves Emissary Farming Services

Sea of Thieves Emissary Farming Services

Use the dropdown options to specify the Emissary Company and amount of points that needs to be farmed on your account.

SoT Emissary Farming Services for PC, PS5 & Xbox

Hire a pro Sea of Thieves booster to help you obtain any amount of emissary points on your account for your Company of choice. Up to 1 mill emissary points with discounted prices up to 20%!


  • Account Share (Default) – Our boosters will log in on your account and farm the emissary points for you.
  • Streamed Service (Optional) – Kick back, relax and enjoy the live gameplay Streamed by some of the best ARPG players in the world!


  • The purchased amount of Sea of Thieves emissary points obtained on your account.
  • Progress on your Company of choice with all its rewards obtained.
  • Everything of worth obtained during the services will be safely stored on your account.


Sea of Thieves Emissary Points Farm

Sea of Thieves Emissary Ledger Details

Emissary Ledger is scoreboard for the month, showing off how much you’ve contributed to your Company. The higher on the board the more rewards you will get. Now, to climb up that leaderboard and secure the most unique Company rewards, you need to earn what’s called Emissary Points/Value – this is where we came in.

Our team of professional SoT players are ready to grind in your name, secure any amount of points/value you are missing and secure your rewards for the month.

How we farm the Emissary points?

The most simple process, yet it can take a lot of your time. First we hoist the colors of the chosen company, then we sail the seas and look for treasures, every single treasure we find we sell it to the Trading Company Representatives and this way we obtain the purchased amount of your Emissary points.

This is how everyone does it and its a working method which provides a 100% safe and quite fast Emissary farming services.

Company Rewards

Gold Hoarders Captain Rewards (top 25%):
  1. Gold Hoarders Inaugural Captain Sails – Captain of Golden Emissaries Title
  2. Tribute Peak Figurehead – Captain of Sealed Stashes Title
  3. Tribute Peak Wheel – Captain of Rogues’ Riddles Title
  4. Tribute Peak Sails – Tribute Peak Flag & Captain of Vaulted Valuables Title
  5. Tribute Peak Cutlass – Captain of Recovered Riches Title
  6. Tribute Peak Eye of Reach – Captain of Cursed Coins Title
  7. Tribute Peak Concertina – Captain of Tallied Tribute Title
  8. Tribute Peak Banjo – Captain of Curious Caskets Title
  9. Tribute Peak Tankard – Captain of Golden Games Title
  10. Tribute Peak Bucket – Captain of Hidden Hoards Title
  11. Tribute Peak Compass – Captain of Brimming Bounty Title
  12. Tribute Peak Lantern – Captain of Opulent Opportunities Title
Order of Souls Grandee Rewards (top 25%):
  1. Order of Souls Inaugural Grandee Sails – Grandee of Mystic Emissaries Title
  2. Relic of Darkness Figurehead – Grandee of Sundered Skulls Title
  3. Relic of Darkness Wheel – Grandee of Ghostly Galleons Title
  4. Relic of Darkness Sails – Relic of Darkness Flag & Grandee of Stray Spirits Title
  5. Relic of Darkness Cutlass – Grandee of Fated Foresight Title
  6. Relic of Darkness Eye of Reach – Grandee of Spectral Supplies Title
  7. Relic of Darkness Concertina – Grandee of Remarkable Relics Title
  8. Relic of Darkness Banjo – Grandee of Inky Insight Title
  9. Relic of Darkness Tankard – Grandee of Scorching Skulls Title
  10. Relic of Darkness Bucket – Grandee of Mysterious Missions Title
  11. Relic of Darkness Compass – Grandee of Supernatural Skirmishes Title
  12. Relic of Darkness Lantern – Grandee of Terrible Tides Title
Merchant Alliance Admiral Rewards (top 25%):
  1. Merchant Alliance Inaugural Admiral Sails – Admiral of Merchant Emissaries Title
  2. Merchant Ambassador Figurehead – Admiral of Curious Cargo Title
  3. Merchant Ambassador Wheel – Admiral of Salvaged Shipments Title
  4. Merchant Ambassador Sails – Merchant Ambassador Flag & Admiral of Triumphant Trades Title
  5. Merchant Ambassador Cutlass – Admiral of Precision Plans Title
  6. Merchant Ambassador Eye of Reach – Admiral of Coral Coffers Title
  7. Merchant Ambassador Concertina – Admiral of Fizzing Fireworks Title
  8. Merchant Ambassador Banjo – Admiral of Required Resources Title
  9. Merchant Ambassador Tankard – Admiral of Bartered Bait Title
  10. Merchant Ambassador Bucket – Admiral of Crafty Carrying Title
  11. Merchant Ambassador Compass – Admiral of Fastidious Ferrying Title
  12. Merchant Ambassador Lantern – Admiral of Championing Charts Title
Reaper’s Bones Master Rewards (top 25%):
  1. Reaper’s Bones Inaugural Master Sails – Master of Eternal Emissaries Title
  2. Masked Renegade Figurehead – Master of Splintered Ships Title
  3. Masked Renegade Wheel – Master of Taken Treasures Title
  4. Masked Renegade Sails – Masked Renegade Flag & Master of Fearless Freedom Title
  5. Masked Renegade Cutlass – Master of Masked Mystique Title
  6. Masked Renegade Eye of Reach – Master of Fiery Fates Title
  7. Masked Renegade Concertina – Master of Soulflame Schemes Title
  8. Masked Renegade Banjo – Master of Cursed Chalices Title
  9. Masked Renegade Tankard – Master of Brokered Bounties Title
  10. Masked Renegade Bucket – Master of Flameheart’s Fear Title
  11. Masked Renegade Compass – Master of Whispering Warriors Title
  12. Masked Renegade Lantern – Master of Clandestine Conflict Title
Athena’s Fortune Legend Rewards (top 25%):
  1. Athena’s Fortune Inaugural Legend Sails – Legendary Emissary of Fortune Title
  2. Legendary Spirit Cutlass – Legendary Pirate of Prowess Title
  3. Legendary Spirit Eye of Reach – Legendary Pirate of Sworn Secrets Title
  4. Magpie’s Glory Wheel – Legendary Pirate of Valiant Vessels Title
  5. Magpie’s Glory Hull – Legendary Pirate of Ghostly Glory Title
  6. Magpie’s Glory Sails – Legendary Pirate of Ancient Art Title
  7. Magpie’s Glory Concertina – Legendary Pirate of Boundless Bravery Title
  8. Magpie’s Glory Banjo – Legendary Pirate of Bravery’s Blessing Title
  9. Magpie’s Glory Tankard – Legendary Pirate of Fated Fortune Title
  10. Magpie’s Glory Bucket – Legendary Pirate of Thrice-Thrust Blades Title
  11. Magpie’s Glory Compass – Legendary Pirate of Esteemed Eminence Title
  12. Magpie’s Glory Lantern – Legendary Pirate of Defended Dignity Title

For any questions regarding our Sea of Thieves Emissary Farming Services, reach us on live chat we are online 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Sea of Thieves Emissary Farming service work?

In short, a pro booster will log in to your account and play until the desired order is fully delivered.

How can i trust you with my Account?

At Captain-Carry every boost is done in a strict and confidential manner. Our pro boosters are pragmatic and efficient, striving to deliver each and every order within a minimal time frame. Last but not least a strong anti-cheating policy, therefore we choose our boosters carefully.

I am a new player and I'd really like to excel in the game. How can you help?

As always we offer free tips and tricks for new and veteran players, tet-a-tet coaching, as well as discounted gearing bundles! Contact us via live chat for more details!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Multiple payment processors are available on checkout including Apple Pay, G-Pay, Stripe, all of which support direct credit card payments.

How fast can you start from placing the order?

Most orders are started within 15-60 minutes, although sometimes it may take up to a few hours. In case your order isn’t started within 24h we will issue a full refund!

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