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Tarisland Power Leveling Boosting

Tarisland Power Leveling for PC, iOS & Android!

Utilize our Tarisland Power Leveling service to reach any desired level for your account, with the help of our expert boosting team.

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  • Piloted/Account Share (Default) – Our pro Tarisland booster will log in on your account and reach the desired level on your account!
  • Self-play/Carry (Optional) – A pro Lords of the Fallen booster will join you in game and help you reach your desired level as co-op!
  • Streamed Service (Optional) – Kick back, relax, and watch us live as live as we power level you through Tarisland!


  • The desired Level reached on your class
  • Specified attributes & progress towards of the build of choice!
  • Weapon & Gear upgrades, mounts, items and more.
  • Everything else found during the services is safely stored on your account and comes for free!

For any question regarding our Tarisland Power Leveling services reach us on live chat we are online 24/7!

Tarisland Power Leveling Details:

Leveling up your account in Tarisland is a straightforward process since it’s mostly gained through defeating enemies, completing quests, gathering or mining materials, exploring the game world, taming, and engaging in various activities. Our experienced Tarisland boosters can take your character to any level, so you can enjoy any playstyle without having to endure any tedious grinds!

There are 7 classes in Tarisland:

Ranger The Ranger class stands out in the art of taming wildlife and constructing traps, positioning them as a formidable choice for ranged DPS. Players have the option to tailor their playstyle, opting for either taming or hunting, and can select from two available specializations.
Paladin In the role of a support class, the Paladin offers two distinct specializations: Justice and Guardian. Within the Justice specialization, the Paladin functions as a melee DPS. On the other hand, the Guardian specialization enables players to embody the selfless role of a melee tank, adept at guiding their group through challenging scenarios.
Warrior Warriors harness their anger to wield formidable weapons, inflicting significant damage upon their foes. The Fury specialization is geared towards melee DPS, while the War Shield specialization aids players in fulfilling their tanking objectives. Both specializations have a wide swathe of weapons to choose from!
Mage In the dynamic realm of the Mage class, players can delve into two specialized paths: Frost and Fire, each offering a distinctive array of talents and playstyles. These specializations not only bring diversity to the magical arsenal but also introduce unique strategic nuances that cater to different preferences and combat scenarios.
Priest The priest is a formidable and diverse class that taps into the power of faith to mete out justice to the wicked and fortify the spirit in challenging situations. Devoted to the divine light, the priest mends injuries, stands against malevolence, and dispels darkness.
Bard Introducing a captivating addition to the game’s lineup, the Bard class brings a unique flavor to the table. With both DPS and Healer specializations, it draws inspiration from iconic Bard characters in other games. Noteworthy is the Solo variant within the DPS specialty, emphasizing self-sufficiency in battle.
Barbarian Renowned for their unmatched physical strength and unyielding stamina, Barbarians stand as formidable frontline fighters. Choosing the path of a Barbarian Fighter allows players to select between Thunder and Frozen specialties, determining their role as either a Damage-Melee or Tank-Melee character.

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How does the Tarisland Power Leveling service work?

In short a professional Tarisland booster will login on your account and play until the desired level is reached on your character!

How can i trust you with my Account?

The website is SSL Secured which results with maximum security. In addition every boost is done in a strict and confidential manner, with strong anti-cheating policy as we choose our boosters carefully. Additionally you can check our Trustpilot page, we sport a healthy 5.0 trust score for over 8 years back.

I am new player and i'd really like to excel in the game, how can you help?

As always we offer free tips and tricks for new and veteran players, tet-a-tet coaching, as well as discounted leveling or gearing bundles! Contact us via live chat for more details!

How fast can you start from placing the order?

Most orders are started within 15-60 minutes, although sometimes it may take up to a few hours.

What is your refund policy?

Full refund can be requested in case the order has not been started after 24h or we fail to deliver it. For more info and partial refunds check Refund Policy.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Multiple payment processors are available on checkout including Apple Pay, G-Pay, Stripe, all of which support direct credit card payments.