Teamfight Tactics Guide

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Before we head into the details of units and compositions we are going to briefly cover some of the most important aspects about this game. First off, before you even get into the actual game you should have some kind of gameplan –  what kind of method and team composition you are going to play.

First Carousel – Must Know Section

Carousel offers you the first choice of champion/item for you and these are very important! Snagging a valuable item early on the game can dictate the whole early game for you. Best item choice for the first carousel:

  • Recurve Bow – Most compositions can use this item, some compositions even require you to have 3 of them!
  • Needlessly Large Rod – All compositions require you to have at least one of these!
  • Spatula – Many new players dont realize the value of an early spatula, combining 2 spatulas gives you an instant +1 level on your ‘Little Legend’ and you can use one more champion in your team!

After the first round you will be given 5 choices of champions, this is where the fun begins! You are given a choice out of 5 champions, its up to you to decide which one will aid you in your conquest for rank one. Best choices for early champions that are very useful standalone or as a pair of 2 regardless of which method you are going to use (champions that arent nobles/brawler/wild):

Darius/Garen, Varus/Vayne, Lulu, Pyke, Blitzcrank

Gold / Economy 

You generate gold depending on how much you’ve won and how much you’ve lost in the previous rounds. There are winning and losing streaks. Both streaks work the same way 2-4 games won/lost get you additional +1 gold per round, 5-7 games won/lost awards additional +2 gold per round, 8+ games won/lost you gets you the max +3 per round. Every 10 gold you have earns +1 economy, up to +5, so staying in the 50 gold limit is key to ensure will do well in the later stages of the game.

Saving Gold

The plan here is to get to 50 gold and stay there for as long as possible. This method is rather straight forward. Try to survive the early game with what you have, plan ahead on what comp you are going to build and slowly work towards it. Once you get level 7/8 you start to re-roll up to 50 gold without passing that line.

Most Powerful Economy Comps


When To Sell Units ?!

Sometimes even if you are close to having 10 gold feel free to sell a unit you need, even multiple ones. That’s a decision you need to learn how to make yourself but its not the worst thing in the world! Having a fast economy can sometimes win you the game meanwhile saving that level 1 Garen wont do you any good. There are multiple ways of playing this game mode but the 2 most common ones we are going to cover in this guide are ‘Early Re-roll’ and ‘Saving Gold’ methods. The former labeled players as ‘Rerollers’ and the latter as ‘Hoarders’.

Early Re-Roll Winning Comps

The first thing you need to know about this method of playing is, although very fun, it’s rather inconsistent. It’s very good if you enjoy the slow grind of being top 4 every game in ranked in order to slowly and surely progress through the ranks. Basically all you need to do is search out early 2 star heroes of any kind without paying much attention to auras. Although if you can combine some early compositions go ahead! It is highly recommended to go for Nobles/Brawlers/Shapeshifters, those 3 are the general powerhouse of the early game that will snag you an undefeatable winning streak if executed right. Compositions that are recommended to be built as a Reroller:

Slide AoE Yordles & Demons Comp Voided Assassins Comp AoE Yordles Demons AoE Yordles & Demons Comp Voided Assassins Comp

Keep Improving !

First and most important aspect of the game is the limited pool of units available. The pools are shared for all players and if some player or multiple have a lot of copies for the champion you are aiming at, its highly unlikely you will get what you are after. The amount units in the game is as follows:

1 cost units have 39 copies.

2 cost units have 26 copies.

3 cost units have 21 copies.

4 cost units have 13 copies.

5 cost units have 15 copies.

Paying attention on who builds what is important and should be checked every few matches. Alongside paying attention to their builds, watch out for key units like Blitzcrank (you might have to change up the position on your main carry unit). Or if they have something like A-Sol or Varus in their corners, you can split your team on two sides or simply consider picking up a Blitz on your own!

Another easily overlooked aspect is the PvE rounds. They are fairly simple dps check, only ones you need to pay attention to are the Golems or rather Krugs and the Dragon. The key to beating the Krugs is to position your whole team on the right side where the single Krug resides. Whenever one of them dies the others will regain their maximum health back. So splitting the damage is a bad idea here. Go for the right one and you’ll most certainly kill them.

When facing the Dragon you need to be split, simply put one or two units apart of your team and place them in front of the Dragon, unit placement is more important than dps here. Also, keep in mind that Sorcs/Casters are very bad at killing the Dragon.

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That’s it for this TFT guide, as the game evolves and new comps are introduced in this game we will try to cover them on this page. In meantime head over to the Ranked Boost section and watch us live as we progress on your account. Learn how to build the board, what items to use & more. Calibration service also available here.

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