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Dota 2 Butterfly – Real Life Replica !

Shortly after we started boosting around 4 years ago, we set a goal to hopefully one day be able to hold one of those awesome in game items in our hands ! It was just a small talk back then – Wouldn’t it be awesome to actually have Demon Edge on your wall, or holding a Divine Rapier in your hands ?

Well, luckily some of us were crazy enough to actually pursuit this crazy goal ( and accidentally had experience in molding, welding, painting and some of the processes needed in order to finish something like this). We didn’t had it all though, not by a far, we learned a lot during the process, it took us over two years to get here. When deciding on which game to start first, Dota being one of our favorites was an easy choice to make.

Dota 2 Butterfly Sword

This right here, is made by Gamers !

Dota 2 Butterfly 2

We poured our heart and soul into this. Being our first gaming item ever made we took our time and made sure it is done the right way. Did our best to capture the authentic game look, each and every item is hand crafted, the handle alone takes more than an hour to paint, and after each layer additional steps are taken to ensure the item looks authentic.


Paint is applied with a spray and a  brush (handle needs extra care), final processes such as scraping and brushing are applied in the finishing touch.


Item is not made of metal. Reason being is safety ( you can’t cut with this) and more importantly customs and shipping price. Depending on your country, you might run into serious trouble at customs if item is labelled as weapon.

Made of mixture of plastics, polyurethane and various varnishes as a finishing touch, this item falls into wall ornaments/artistic objects and shouldn’t have any trouble with customs or shipping.

Shipping can cost a fortune, especially if you order from a different continent. The difference between shipping a 20 Kg  and 3 Kg is enormous. Item weights no more than 2-3 kilos, this was one of our first things that came to mind when planing on how we gonna do it !

Materials Used, And Important Things To Know !

Dota 2 Butterfly 3

Factory New Or Battle Scarred ?

Dota 2 Butterfly factory new

We plan to make both ! Let us know in the comments bellow which one you prefer ? Both will cost the same on start, although battle scarred needs a bit extra work to get the look we want.

Remember, item is only for show and tell, do not hit or try to cut objects with it as you might break it. Order here or check out our shop on Ebay, fill out the shipping info bellow and pick your location to calculate price. The cost varies on location and shipping carrier.

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Standard International ftw !


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Length: 70cm / 25.5 inch

Width: ( handle max span ): 18cm / 7 inch

Depth: 4 cm / 1.6 inches


Materials and Use:

Item is not made from metal, do not use for smashing objects, you can break the item. Refunds are not given if you damage the item due to your fault, come on guys you can’t disassemble a butterfly. Material used is a mixture of plastic, polyurethane, varnishes and paint.


We ship worldwide, box is marked handle with care to maximize protection during transit. We ship same or next day ( depending on what hours you ordered) excluding weekends and national holidays.[/su_spoiler]