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Welcome to our Division 2 Account shop. All the accounts posted in this section come with LIFETIME WARRANTY, they are made by our internal teams with intention to be sold. We do not resell accounts from random people on forums or social media! Check below for details on each account, after purchase you will receive game login info, in addition to full email login. For any additional questions talk to us on live chat, we try to cover 24/7 support.

Slide Countdown Carries Season 9 Masks & Cosmetics Expertise / Proficiency Raid Carry & Recov Leveling & Bundles Exotics Farm God Rolls Farm Full Builds Farm Strongholds Farm Gearscore Boost The Summit SHD Buy Account
Ultimate Edition version The top account – TTop929
  • 1300+ SHD
  • 50 Dark Zone lvl
  • Bullet King, Imperial Dynasty, Acosta’s Go-Bag, Tardigade Armor System, NinjaBike Messenger, Sawyer’s Kneepads, BTSU Datagloves, Lady Death SMG, Mantis, Big Horn, Coyote’s Mask, Vile Mask, Catharsis mask, Chameleon, Diamondback, Pestilence, Nemesis, Dread Edict, Sweet Dreams, Merciless, The Chatterbox, Kendra’s Liberty, Merciless, Backfire (submachine gun), Memento (backpack), Ridgeway’s Pride (chest), Scorpio (Exotic Shotgun), Waveform (Exotic Holster), The Capacitor (Exotic Assault Rifle), Eagle Bearer, Regulus, The Ravenous, Bluescreen (Absolutely all exotic items are received)
  • Pumped 2 characters all 40 levels.(All of them have independent builds and completely and have a lot of God Roll items.) All specializations pumped MAX, B-Pass Level 100. Different ready-made builds, DD (Rifle and AR), Oxidizer, Electrician, Negative effect, Focus, Hunter’s Fury, Heartbreaker (meta 9 season) etc.
  • A lot of God Roll things. Maximum characteristics in the calibration library. A lot of personal and rare items DZ
  • The character is fully pumped and ready for any difficulties
Buy Account TTop929
BigHorn Post-Re-Roll Account _Stf
  • Basic game Story finished
  • Warlords of New York story completed
  • Level 40
  • 200+ good roll gear
  • Bighorn Exotic AR
Buy Account

Buy the account by adding to cart and using the secure checkout page. Our default payment method is paypal, although we accept alternative payments such as Western Union and btc so make sure to contact us if that is the case.

Although accounts are delivered within minutes and email access is included if need any help we are here. Talk to us  after purchase using the website live chat on bottom right. Accounts come with lifetime warranty, contact us for any help needed!

Final step is changing all info. Once you have the account login details, as well as the account email what you need to do is change the email of the account as well as its password. This way you will 100% secure your account.

Short F.A.Q.

Accounts are provided by our trusty suppliers that we work with for over 9 years. 100% hand done and no cheats or any third party programs used. No previous owners, we are the only and original creators of these accounts – we do not resell from random people. In addition to diverse build support, the accounts have tons of zenny, materials and various other valuable assets.

Yes, that is the real question. Simple answer – we just won’t. We didn’t made it this far by scamming and doing wrong to the people we work with. We sold over 10.000 accounts in Diablo, PubG Mobile, Valorant, Apex Legends, Sea of Thieves, Division 2, Genshin Impact, Monster Hunter World and now Monster Hunter Rise Accounts shop finally Open. If we took such actions our payment contracts will get closed due to the massive chargeback cases alone.

Yes, all the accounts come with specific gear & sets, hunter rank, unique talismans, story progress & more. The one that suits you the best can be yours. Every listed account has the valuable assets displayed in the image and the details.

Yes, you will get full Login details as well as email access. The first thing you should do is indeed that – Transfer the account on your personal email and change the login details (password)

No ! We do not buy accounts from random people. We can provide lifetime warranty only if we buy from people we know and trust.. No offense, but if we were buying accounts from anyone that comes on chat we could never issue lifetime warranty with every purchase.

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