Tiny Tina Wonderlands – SS Tier Spore Warden Build

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Spore Warden full Build Farm

  1. Level 40 Spore Warden Build
  2. Character set up for the build
  3. Skill points and Hero points distributed
  4. Gear for the build to work

Welcome to the Tiny Tina’s Spore Warden Chaos 20 build section. This build is focused around status damage as well as low spell cooldown for maximum damage output. Primary class is Spore Warden which helps out with overall damage output. Skill we will use is Barrage from the Spore Warden class with high poison damage.

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This build focuses the Spore Warden skill tree with Brr-Zerker action skill as a secondary class.

Spore Warden main tree:

5/5 Eagle Eye for gun damage increase.
1/1 Spore Cloud lets your mushroom companion Taunt enemies and applying the poison cloud for damage.
5/5 Affinity for ability damage increase
3/3 Windrunner skill that increases our Fire Rate and Movement speed after each kill.
3/3 Quiver of Holding for magazine size increase.
4/5 Bullseye for gun shot crit chance.
3/3 Wrath of Nature our main damage dealer increases the damage on enemies from all sources.
1/1 Headhunter gun damage increase.
1/1 Play the Angles the enabler of the Wrath of Nature, each crit hit will ricochet and deal ability damage which will trigger Wrath of Nature effect and increase damage dealt to enemies up to 100%

Brr-Zerker Skill Tree:

5/5 Ancestral Frost for bonus frost damage
3/3 Ice Breaker increases damage on all frozen enemies
5/5 Old Ways increases our damage up to 30% if we are close to enemies

The rest of Skill points you have use per your own preferences on damage or survivability.

Action Skill: Barrage – Triggers the ability damage and ricochet that will also trigger our main damage dealer skill – Wrath of Nature which will provide with increased damage output.

Build Explained Video:

This is an explanation how the build works and the needed talents/items for it if you are interested in depth of the strategy and theorycrafting for it.

Disclaimer: This build is featured on NickTew youtube channel. Full credit goes to the original creator, make sure to drop him a like & subscribe and support his stream. Our goal is to make the build easily available to players that don’t have the time & effort to grind every piece of gear on their own. We are in no way directly or indirectly associated or endorsed by NickTew.

Weapon we would use is Liquid Cooling with Enchantment Spore Warden that allows us to deal massive damage after our barrage ability. Provides gun and ability damage with 25% chance to explode and deals 30% of that damage as poison.
On top of all that Liquid Cooling is Cryo weapon type and will provide us with a lot of frost damage output that will in the end trigger all the Bee-Zerker bonus damage on frozen enemies.
For class mods and gear look for Wrath of nature Nods bonus.
As for Hero Stats go for Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence and Attunement.

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