Vanguard Season 3 – Operation Monarch



As Captain Butcher and Task Force Harpy investigate the impact of enemy attacks on Caldera, they make two important discoveries: a weapons cache filled with prototypes, and clues that something monstrous is coming. Will they face a threat more terrifying than man or machine? Find out in Classified Weapons, the third season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, featuring two new multiplayer maps, four all-new weapons, the trophy system, new Caldera points of interest, and more. Ranked weapons will be available on April 27 on Xbox.


Get More with Season 3 Battle Pass Get ready for epic battles ahead with Season 3 Battle Pass, which includes 100 levels of all-new content, including two new free weapons: the M1916 Assault Rifle and the Nikita AVT. 



German semi-automatic assault rifle that packs a punch and can kill in two shots, even without accessories. Its recoil can be a problem, so don’t hesitate to reduce the rate of fire to remedy this. Unlock two additional weapons, the Mace and the H4 Blixen Machine Gun, by completing the associated challenge or purchasing the matching set in the store later in the season.


The Nikita has the highest rate of fire in the assault rifle category, but the barrel tends to come out in intense bursts. Use the customization system to improve its stability and bring it closer to the SMG, or treat yourself to long-range damage more suited to the traditional assault rifle role.


Get instant access to Task Force Operator Harpy Mateo Hernandez with the purchase of the Season 3 Battle Pass. Later, in the game’s online store, you’ll be able to find two more operators – Florence Carter and Kim Tae Young.


Updated points of interest, new Gulag and Operation Monarch Dig Site : Located between the mine and the ruins, you will find the new Monarch Dig Site. You can explore old mining equipment, tents and giant skeletons to find supply crates and other items.

Site : Located between the mine and the ruins, you will find the new Monarch Dig Site. You can explore old mining equipment, tents and giant skeletons to find supply crates and other items. 


Trail, Summit and Lagoon Update : The trail was still under construction during the first two seasons, but like the summit, it is now fortified by those who defend the crater and its secrets. Changing tides in the lagoon area reveal new paths to the lighthouse.


Operation Monarch : It won’t begin until around May 11, but you may have seen signs of a giant creature, an ancient artifact, a Monarch research warehouse, or… check out that shiny, towering axe sticking out of the ground. 


Fortress : The New Gulag, developed by the toy company for Bob, shows the appearance of a near-symmetrical arena on a ship docked on the crater’s coast, with identical corridors and an open area around its perimeter.


Midseason update : Operation Monarch may have a significant impact on Caldera, but something else seems to be shaking the earth beneath the island. Expect more information about the secrets that lie beneath Caldera’s surface as the season progresses, as well as a surprise for a classic Warzone mode.

Multiplayer : Mayhem and Sphere, the trophy system and a new ranked season


Ready for some hand-to-hand chaos? Season 3 adds two new small maps to the multiplayer rotation: Mayhem and Sphere.

Mayhem (available at launch) : This 1950s movie set was designed for tense combat. Move quickly to stay in the spotlight in this small-scale replica of a bustling metropolis that’s full of destructible elements. Get ready for your close-up and a good dose of light, camera and action !


Sphere (available during the season) : A secret weapons lab hides beneath the facade of a coal mine. This small map is full of mysteries and different indoor levels to facilitate nervous hand-to-hand combat.


Trophy System: Designed as the prototype for a modern portable defense system, the Trophy System is one of the new features of this season. It neutralizes fragmentation grenades, sticky bombs and stun grenades brought into close proximity. Unlike previous seasons, the trophy system will be directly available to everyone, no progression in the Combat Pass will be necessary. In addition, the new ranked season will allow you to discover two new weapon schemes and two new camouflages that can be used on all weapons. Playing in ranked mode will also unlock weapon charms, emblems and other rewards. Don’t be afraid to go back to the top of the leaderboard, as all rankings and divisions will be reset for a fresh start.


As in previous seasons of Vanguard , Zombies players will be able to equip the weapons unlocked in the Battle Pass and complete 20 new challenges, which will allow you to unlock a unique calling card and experience bonuses. You will also be able to obtain the KG M40 and the Whitley weapon from Season Two through new challenges in Zombies mode, which will be available right after the Season 3 update. Note here that these weapons can also be acquired through the multiplayer challenges. Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 starts on April 27. In addition to everything we’ve shown you, you’ll have the opportunity during the season to discover new packs, new challenges and totally new limited events (GODZILLA VS KONG LETS GOOOO)

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