Diablo 3 Best Builds For Season 25

With the release of Season 25 in Diablo 3, came a plethora of new options for both the legacy and the new builds this season has to offer. Not only did the new Soul Shards Sockets  brought new options for each of the 7 classes in the game, but made some old outdated builds extremely potent and more than capable to compete in the current meta.

There are currently 4 Tiers of builds in the game, with S tier being the absolute best options possible, so naturally we will discuss those. The optional A tier builds although fun to play, simply will not do the job for the most hardcore players looking to push that 120+ greater rift and hopefully compete on the greater rift leaderboards.
In this post we will be talking about 3 of the best S tier builds that can be used for clearing Greater rifts and have a chance of getting on the leaderboards.

Crusaider – Akkhan Bombardment Build

Diablo 3 Boosting Season 25 - Crusader-min

Since the buffs to Bombardment Crusader in previous seasons, it has become a viable build over time. Including the buffs to the reduced cooldown of the Belt of the Trove, buffed damage on Armor of Akkhan and Norvald’s Fervor set and additional multipliers that were added to The mortal Drama and the Belt of the Trove, the damage that can be dished out using this build increased by nearly 33 Greater Rift tiers. Before being released into the wild, this build was already nerfed by nearly 10 tiers due to the changes made by the Thorns of the Invoker adjustment.
Regardless of these nerfs, This build continues to be the second best solo Crusader build. It also has an alternate use-case as a GR150 capable trash clearer, but is not recommended for that as there are better options out there.

Akkhan Invoker Bombardment Crusader is a thorns build, making it very easy to get started while leaving a lot of room to get better gear later on. While it is easy to get started, its not easy to get all the items in Ancient quality with thorns as a secondary roll on every single item.
The build uses 4 different kinds of Armor sets, Armor of Akkhan, Thorns of the invoker, Norvald’s Fervor and Captain Crimson’s Trimmings. Some variants of it can include the Bastions of Will set which makes it the first build in the game that can be built with only the set.
There are some pros and cons to this build:
Pros : The build is very tanky, You can be lazy while playing with this build its easier to play, Its easier to get started with starter gear, Everything can be done on the move when using this build making it highly mobile.
Cons: Invoker 2P is clunky, The build is very cooldown dependant, You have very little control over your damage as most of it is dealt due to thorns, Your damage is highly inconsistent against bosses.

Items: 50% damage reduction is provided by the Armor of Akkhan set, alongside a 50% resource cost reduction, 2000% damage increase and it also allows us to maintain 100% uptime on Akarat’s Champion. The Thorns effect is increased by 900% due to the Thorns of the Invoker(2) b Bonus. Captain Crimson’s Trimmings also gives us an additional 60% DPS, 20% reduction to our cooldown. It hleps us reach our Breakpoints and also provides us with an additional 70% damage reduction. A 400% Damage increase is provided by Norvald’s Fervor and allows us to spam Steed Charge. Ring of Royal Grandeur helps us get full bonuses from all of our sets. The number of bombardments impacts are doubled by The mortal Drama and their damage is increased by 500%. Belt of the trove allows us to cast a free bombardment every 4 seconds and also increases the damage dealt by another 500%.

Wizard: Firebird Flame Blades 

Firebird’s Finery has historically been one of the clunkiest and weakest sets in the game due to it having to switch between 3 fire abilities to benefit from its set bonuses. It was meta as a trash killer build between season 12 to 15 but was never good enough to be anything much better than that. In season 23, The set was entirely reworked to include a Phoenix themed bonus “rising from the ashes” that allows you to cheat death and the Fire element with an ignite DoT. This rework allowed the rise of a new playstyle that was based upon channeling Disintegrate to Ignite monsters and collect Combustion stacks with the (4) Bonus. These stacks were then used to increase the damage dealt by the ignite DoT when hitting monsters with another Fire ability, on top of reducing our cooldown for Teleport.
While the selfcast build using Flame Blades was underwhelming in comparison to Mirror Images for the majority of season 23 and 24, the nerf to Mirror Images in Season 25 allowed the selfcast Flame Blades build to shine as the best Firebird setup, with the new soul shards making it even stronger than ever before.

Diablo 3 Boosting Season 25 - Wizzard-min

How To Execute

Inspite of all the upsides, the downside can be seen in the lack of Area Damage, which prevents us from scaling our damage in density. Area damage does not work with Ignite DoT, therefore we must stack Attack Speed to maximize our hitcount in order to further maximize the ticks of the Ignite DoT. To get maximum number of Bonus Ignite procs, our build uses Spectral Blade, Flame Blades alongside Fragment of Destiny and Shame of Delsere to allow us to reach extremely high Attack Speed Breakpoints.
Pros : High DPS, Melee Playstyle, Fast Paced Playstyle, Easy to get Starter Gear
Cons: Hardcapped DPS, Sensitive to Breakpoints, Scales poorly with Dense groups of mobs, Vulnerable to crowd control

Items: The Firebird’s Finery set gives us 80% damage reduction to our character alongside a massive 5000% damage multiplier and the central ignite DoT mechanic. We get another huge 80% damage reduction and 40%separate damage multiplier on using Explosive Blast thanks to our Orb of Infinite Depth. We use fragment of Destiny for its 50% additional attack speed multiplier to our Spectral Blade, which is our main Ignite DoT proc ability. The Hydra effect from it is irrelevant to us. We get another 50% separate attack speed multiplier on our Spectral Blade from our The Shame of Delsere. The Ring of Royal Grandeur allows us to complement Firebird’s Finery with other sets that go really well such as Aughild’s Authority and Captain Crimson’s Trimmings. We receive 20% cooldown reduction and additional damage and toughness based on our CDR and RCR from the Captain Crimson’s Trimmings set. We have several options for our Jewelry Slots such as Endless Walk and Convention of Elements.

Monk: Inna Mystic Ally 

Diablo 3 Boosting Season 25 - Monk-min

The Inna’s Mantra set received a rework in season 24 which removed the generic damage bonus and changed it into an entirely Mystic Ally based set. This pushed a lot of monk builds and sets out of the meta. But it also led to the rise of the Inna Mystic Ally build. It relies upon the reworked Inna’s Mantra, buffed Crudest Boots and Bindings of the Lesser Gods. We have two options available as far as the Inna Mystic Ally monk is concerned, one with the Fire Aly that provides superior burst damage for Greater rift pushing, Or Water Ally that provides large AoE and steady DPS and is ideal for speed content. Since the Mystic Ally skill doesn’t have any dedicated weapons, some of the pushing builds use the Shenlong’s Spirit set for its 350% global damage multiplier. While this build works around Area Damage, its procced at a much lower rate by Mystic Ally which makes it meaningless. But as the Mystic Allies count as pets, they utilize Attack Speed as a separate damage multiplier besides other interactions. All things included, that makes this a strong build that can compete with LoD Wave of Light for the spot of the strongest Monk build out there. In groups, it can be used as a DPS for speed content or for pushing Greater Rifts.

Pros: Tanky, Strong for start of the season, Amazing for clearing Speed Content, Endless Amount of Water Allies
Cons: Flying Dragon RNG, Mystic Ally AI can be dumb, Lack of Area Damage, Vulnerable to Crowd Control.
Items: Inna’s Mantra provides the build with a huge 30000% Mystic Ally damage boost, 50% damage reduction and a bunch of other passive effects that come from Mantras and Mystic Allies. More importantly, it also provides 80% Life, 40% All Resistance and 56% Additive Damage. The number of our Mystic Allies is doubled and their damage is tripled alongside having longer active effects due to the Crudest Boots that are used in our build. Bindings of the Lesser Gods helps us out further with another 200% increased Mystic Ally Damage (which can also be +1000% if we chose to go with the Fire Ally build). Other than these items nothing else is particularly necessary to make the build work. People often use Echoing Fury and Flying Dragon for Extra Attack Speed. Lefebvre’s Soliloquy is also used as a defensive option for those who need it. Bastions of Will or Endless Walk are both jewelry sets that are generally recommended for their damage buffs.

That’s it for our selection for season 25, visit our Diablo 3 boosting section for the best builds for the current season, or simply get your loot/grift runs done, we loot over 400+ items/h in the current meta.

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